Ethnic Studies FAQ's



"I want to declare my concentration in Ethnic Studies. How do I do it?"

Great. Fill out an ASK declaration. And then email the advisor to set up a meeting.

"Can we talk for a few minutes after class about where I am in the

No. Please update ASK and schedule a meeting. If you have questions that cannot wait, please update ASK and email your questions to the advisor.

"Do I have to take the Senior Seminar?"

Yes, there are no exceptions allowed.

"Do I have to take the Intro to Ethnic Studies class?"

Yes, unless you are a transfer student, and have taken the same class elsewhere. Although we still very strongly recommend, even in that case, that you take ETHN 1000.

"I took a class with Professor X in another department. Can I count it towards my ETHN requirements? Can it count in lieu of ETHN 1200 or ETHN 1750?"

 No. Not unless it was cross-listed with those course numbers.

"There are only a few classes in ETHN next year. Can I substitute a class in another concentration?"

Generally, no. For three reasons. First, we actually want our students to have as many common experiences as a cohort as possible. This means, we are actively looking for ways to get more of you in the same class. Second, we want these common experiences to be in courses taught by professors in our department who have a clearer sense of the entire concentration. Third, we want our concentrators to prioritize Ethnic Studies. As always, consult with your advisor, and make an intellectual argument for any exception based on how a particular class is important to your focus area or your proposed capstone project.

"How do I know what can count - outside of classes taught under the ETHN tag - towards the concentration?"

Under normal circumstances, up to two classes taught outside  the ETHN tag can count towards the focus area, assuming they have 50% material relevant to Ethnic Studies. This is at the advisor's discretion, and you should consult the advisor at the moment that you are considering the class and present a syllabus at that time so they can pre-approve it. Do this during shopping period. Please do not assume that at the end of the semester, the advisor will automatically approve a class. Please do not look for this 50% yourself.

"I am going abroad. Can I count some of the classes I take towards my focus area?"

Maybe, but only if they are materially relevant and do not make you exceed the two non-ETHN classes permitted in the focus area. Stay in regular contact with your advisor and seek pre-approval.

"Can we meet to talk about where I am in the concentration?"

Yes, but you must first update your ASK profile so that you have listed all of the classes you wish to count towards the concentration, and so that your brief essay describes what your focus area is and which classes are counting towards it, and what you hope to take soon.