Honors Program in Ethnic Studies

Writing a senior honors thesis in Ethnic Studies requires:

A 3.5 GPA in concentration courses

A 3.0 overall GPA

In order to write a senior thesis, students need to work with two professors who will agree to be their readers. The two readers should recommend the thesis for honors.

At least one of the readers should be Ethnic Studies faculty. If a student wants to work with two professors, neither of whom is Ethnic Studies faculty, then they should have a third reader who will read the final draft and approve it as an Ethnic Studies thesis.

Students who want to graduate with honors should begin working their advisor on thesis preparation by the end of their sixth semester, and formally declare their intention to compose an honors thesis at the outset of their seventh semester.

In order to enroll in the honors program, students should write a 1 page letter to the concentration advisor describing their intended research and the names of two professors who have agreed to be their readers. Students should present that letter to the concentration advisor during the month of September of their senior year (or during the month of February if they are graduating in December). The concentration advisor should sign that request. That signature confirms the admission of the student to the honors program.

Students who did not obtain the approval of the concentration advisor before September 30th of their senior year will not be admitted into the honors program.

The deadline for a finished full draft is April 21. Students should turn in a completed draft to their readers by that day. Of course, students will turn chapters to their advisors before that, according to their advisors' recommendations, but April 21 is the absolute deadline to turn in a draft that needs only minor corrections.

Honors these are generally between 50-100 pages. Students should work
closely with their faculty readers to determine the appropriate

Students will make a public presentation of their work to the Ethnic Studies faculty during the first week of May.