Requirements for the Ethnic Studies Concentration

1. ETHN 1000 “Introduction to Ethnic Studies”

2. Any two courses from the ETHN 1200 “Topics in Ethnic Studies” or ETHN 1750 “Advanced Topics in Ethnic Studies” sequence, or similar electives in AMST, as approved by the advisor

3. Four classes that address the student’s focus area and that prepare them for the capstone experience. At least two of these classes must bear an ETHN designation. Of the other two classes, only one may be a Department Independent Study Project (DISP). If a student pursues that option, the class must be undertaken with core faculty, all of whom are listed on the department website, and it must be offered under an ETHN course number.

Please consult the following guidelines for designing a DISP. Please note a  Department Independent Study Project Form and a draft syllabus will be due to the Director of Undergraduate Studies no later than two weeks into the semester the DISP takes place.

4. ETHN 1650 methods class

5. An AMST 1700 Junior Seminar

6. ETHN 1900 the “Ethnic Studies Senior Seminar”

Honors in the concentration requires two additional independent study courses (taken semesters 7 and 8) and the honors seminar (taken semester 6). Please consult the Honors Program page for more details. 

These requirements apply to students who will be graduating spring 2020 and after.  The old requirements, for those who declared earlier, can be found here.

Courses taken toward the fulfillment of concentration requirements must be at or above the 1000 level. At the advisor's discretion, a student may count a single course below the 1000 level towards their requirements. This class must be taught by a core faculty member listed on the department's website and may be offered through another department.