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Requirements for the Ethnic Studies Concentration

The concentration requires ten courses, chosen in consultation with a student's Concentration Advisor, such as, but not limited to, the following:

1.  ETHN 0500, "Introduction to American/Ethnic Studies"

2.   Any two introductory courses in Latino/a, Africana,
Asian-American, or Native American Studies. (Other courses may be
approved by the Advisor).

3.     Any three classes in Ethnic Studies that address the student's
focus area (as approved by the concentration advisor).

4.     Any three courses drawn from a list of related courses (as
approved by the concentration advisor).

5.     ET1900, "The Senior Seminar in Ethnic Studies." The senior
seminar is the capstone course and is required of all concentrators.

Students in the concentration should also take a WRIT class from
within the concentration, from a list of cross-listed course, or from
a course approved by their advisor.

Students should also be sure to take a methods course.