Food Studies at Brown approaches food from a broad and interdisciplinary perspective. We examine the relationship between food and all aspects of the human experience, including culture and biology, individuals and society, global pathways and local contexts. Across our campus, faculty, students, and staff engage with food in myriad meaningful ways. Food Studies at Brown endeavors to bring food-related research, teaching, projects, activities, and events together in one place so that we can synthesize our efforts across campus and the community.

Founded by Emily Contois with Elizabeth Hoover and John Eng-Wong, Food Studies at Brown began in spring 2016 and currently involves dozens of faculty members across disciplines such as American Studies, Anthropology, Biology, English, Environmental Studies, Medicine, and Public Health. Courses offered by Food Studies at Brown affiliated faculty explore food, culture, and identity; food systems, agriculture, and sustainability; food policy and issues; nutrition, health, disease, and medicine; and food writing and media; among other topics as well.

In 2016-2017, we began the Food Studies at Brown Speaker Series, bringing world class food studies scholars to the Brown campus. Please see the Events page for current talks and events. 

If you would like to learn more about Food Studies at Brown or to get involved, please contact:

Organizer: M. Dawn King, PhD
Director of Undergraduate Studies - Environmental Studies and Sciences
Institute at Brown for Environment and Society
[email protected] 

Web Master: Harper Dine
PhD Student in Anthropology
[email protected]