Graduate Students

Ph.D Students in American Studies:

Istifaa Ahmed
First Year Student 

Erin Aoyama
20th century American intellectual and cultural history; Asian American Studies; Studies of Empire; Public Memory and Apology; Histories of Violence  

Bryant Brown
Second Year Student 

Sam Coren
Anthropocene; Feminist Science and Technology Studies; Transgender Studies; U.S. Built Environment    

Jonathan Cortez
“The Age of Encampment: Labor, Race, and Surveillance along the Southern US Border, 1933-1975”

Caroline Cunfer
First Year Student 

Thomas Dai
Contemporary Nonfiction & Poetry; Queer Theory; Asian American Studies; Literature of Space & Place 

Jennifer Dolan
Science and popular culture; the psychological self; history of medicine and the body; diet, fitness, and self-help culture; narrative

Kathrinne Duffy
“Phrenology and the Invention of Personality in Nineteenth Century America”

Yuanyuan Feng
Asian American Community Politics and Culture; Asian American Literature; Chinese Diaspora in the Americas

Maggie Unverzagt Goddard
"Improper Objects: Embodied Aesthetics and the Politics of the Pelvis"

Matthew Kateb Goldman
Cities and Built Environments; Cultural and Social Thought; Power, Knowledge, and Aesthetics; Queer Studies; Infrastructures 

Gregory Hitch
"The Forest Keepers: An Environmental History of the Menominee Watershed"

Kristen Iemma
Information Science; Knowledge Organization; Memory Studies 

Jacquelynn Jones
19th and 20th Century Visual and Material Culture; Black Feminist Theory; Racial-Mixture; History of Photography; Public Humanities 

Makana Kushi
Race in Hawaiʻi, Comparative Ethnic Studies, and Indigenous Education

Allyson LaForge
Native American and Indigenous Studies; Histories of the Native Northeast; Decolonizing Methodologies; Public Humanities; Material Culture

Eleanor Lake
"Mother. Nurse. Housewife. Maid.: The Enduring Moral Politics of 'Women's Work' in America"

Jonathan MacDonald
First Year Student 

Claritza Maldonado
Caribbean Studies, Afro-Latinx Studies, Sound and Aesthetics, Poetry and Spoken Word, Puerto Rico and Diaspora 

Alyssa Manansala
First Year Student 

Anni Pullagura
“Seeing Feeling: The Work of Empathy in Exhibitionary Spaces” 

Edwin Rodriguez
Central American Studies, El Salvador, transnationalism, displacement, and migration 

Julian Saporiti
"No-No Boy" 

Nicole Sintetos
Asian American Studies; Science, Technology and Society; 20th c Immigration History; Environmental History; Public Humanities.

Aura Ochoa
First Year Student 

Mark Tseng-Putterman
Asian American Social Movements, Interracial/Coalition Politics, Race and Digital Media

Katharina Weygold
First Year Student