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Getting into American Studies

•Every year the Department offers seminars especially designed for first and second-year students. The First-Year seminars (AMST 0150)   are taught by our faculty and are limited to 20 students (most are smaller). The seminars for first and second-year students (AMST 0190) are taught by our advanced graduate students on topics of their current and cutting-edge research. These classes are limited to 17 students. All seminars are writing-intensive courses (designated by W in the course catalog).

•AMST 1010, Introduction to American Studies: American Icons is a lecture course with small discussion sections that are led by our graduate students.

Methods in Public Humanities. (AMST 1550) introduces many of the issues faced by professionals working in museums, historical societies, and arts organizations and includes exhibitions and other hands-on projects 

•There are numerous other lecture courses that you can take as a first-year student that will open up your own exploration of American society and cultures.

For more information or to make an appointment to discuss the concentration in American Studies, contact Prof. Beverly Haviland, Director of Undergraduate Studies, Concentration Advisor:  Office hours are posted on the Undergraduate Advising page