Graduate Students

Ph.D Students in American Studies:

Alyssa Anderson
Third Year Student

Horace Ballard
Histories of race and romanticism; Nineteenth century American art; art in the African diaspora; Beat Generation

Kevin Barry (on leave)
Race, policing and incarceration; television/film studies; U.S. empire/war

Felicia Bevel
Race; memory; nationhood; late nineteenth/early twentieth century American history; visual and material culture; transnational studies; African American history; whiteness studies

Ashley Bowen-Murphy
History of public health; nineteenth century U.S. history and culture; public humanities; Civil War veterans

Sarah Brown
20th century American literature; neuroaesthetics; cognitive literary historicism; history of the science of emotions; digital humanities 

Liza Burbank
"Advertising Love: Personal Ads, Product Advertisements, and the Consumption of Romance"

Clarissa Ceglio '15
"A Cultural Arsenal for Democracy: The War Work of U.S. Museums, 1930-1955"

Thomas Chen '14
"Remaking Boston's Chinatown: Race, Place, and Community in the Postwar Metropolis"

Emily Contois
Food studies, public health, nutrition, popular culture studies, fat studies, gender studies, history of medicine, twentieth-century American history

Jonathan Cortez
First Year Student

Erin Curtis
"Cambodian Donut Shops and the Negotiation of Identity in Los Angeles"

Sean Dinces '14
"Bull Markets: Power, Place, and Professional Sport at the End of the Twentieth Century"

Pier Dominguez
"Soapy Subjects: Melodrama and Queer Racial Affect in Screen Cultures"

Kathrinne Duffy
Nineteenth century cultural history; material culture; history of museums; history of science 

Christopher Elias
"State Secrets: J. Edgar Hoover, Joseph McCarthy, Roy Cohn, and Masculine Political Identity in the Creation of the American National Security State" [working title] 

Suzanne Enzerink
Race construction; miscegenation; twentieth-century U.S. literature; popular culture studies; twentieth-century African American and Asian American history; performance studies

Samuel Franklin
Twentieth-century cultural and intellectual history; the built environment; cultural institutions; heritage and memory

Brent Fujioka '15
"Four-Color Creatures: Monstrosity in American Comic Books and Japanese Manga, 1938-Present."

Margaret Goddard
First Year Student

Elena Gonzales '15
"Resonance and Wonder: Museums Working for Social Justice"

Maria Hwang
Migration and sex work; U.S. empire and militarization; gender and feminist theories; sex and sexuality studies

Wen Jin (on leave)
American empire; Asian American studies; American cultural history

Amy Johnson (on leave)
"Brokering Cultures, Brokering Race: Charley Ah Him, Chinatown, and the Construction of Los Angeles"

Majida Kargbo
Gender and sexuality; queer theory; performance studies; phenomenology; visual culture; fat studies

Cristina Kim (on leave)
Second Year Student

Heather Lee '14
"Consuming Labor: Migration and Mobility of Chinese Restaurant Workers in New York City, 1893-1949"

Sara Matthiesen '15
"Reconceived: Women's Reproduction after Roe v. Wade"

Crystal Ngo
Museums; material culture; visual culture; the Vietnam War; forced migration

Chung Hong Nguyen (on leave)
"Vietnam War/American War: Memory and the Construction of History in The U.S. and Vietnam"

Ronaldo Noche
Asian American Studies; foodways; race and empire

Daniel Platt
Modern U.S. culture and politics; history of capitalism; liberalism and neoliberalism; social thought

Anni Pullagura
Second Year Student 

Annette Rodriguez
"The Lynching of Mexicans in the United States: Making Visible U.S. Terrorscapes"

Elizabeth Rule
Critical Native American Studies; expressive culture; colonialism and decolonization; Critical Race Theory; race construction; twentieth-century U.S. nationalisms; gender and sexuality 

Pia Sahni
Cultural Studies; Asian American literature and representation; feminist theory

Micah Salkind
"Do You Remember House? Technology, Mediation and The Erasing of Black Musical Community, 1975-1996"

Robyn Schroeder '15
"Federal Selves: Memory & The Constitution, 1820-2010"

Virginia Thomas
Second Year Student

Colleen Tripp '15
"Pacific Sensations: The Making of an American West and Pacific Orientalism in U.S. Print Culture"

Miel Wilson '15
"At the Root(s): Genealogy and Slavery from Alex Haley's Roots to Finding Oprah's Roots"

Elizabeth Wolfson
Transnational U.S. culture and history; U.S./Turkey relations; visual culture; history of photography; women's history

Sarah Yahm
Twentieth century social and cultural history; ethnographic methods and multimedia; public space; participatory curatorial practice 

Ida Yalzadeh
Second Year Student