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Sara Matthiesen

My book project Reconceived: Women’s Reproduction after Roe v. Wade documents the persistent force of structural inequality in American life through the lens of reproductive politics. Based in archival, interview, and digital cartography methods, my project uncovers previously overlooked grassroots advocacy concerned with HIV/AIDS, women prisoners’ parental rights, infant mortality, and pro-life service provision. Reconceived shows how reproduction—particularly childbirth and reproductive labor—was a major site affected by shifts in political governance that decreased the state’s role in mitigating economic, racial, and gendered inequalities during the final decades of the twentieth century.

Education: B.A., Psychology and Philosophy, University of California, Santa Barbara, 2008; M.A. American Studies, 2011; PhD American Studies, 2015

Research Interests: Gender and Sexuality, Modern U.S. Social and Political History, Feminist Science Studies, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Social Movements.