The primary responsibility for meeting all the benchmarks noted above rests with the student. The Department's Director of Graduate Studies will serve as the primary advisor for first year students and oversee the advising of all other students, particularly with regards to interactions with the Graduate School and issues of progress toward degree. The instructor of AMCV2520 will assist in advising second year students. Once students have located a preliminary exam and/or dissertation advisor, that faculty member serves as the student's primary scholarly advisor. Students are expected to consult with the DGS at regular intervals and to keep the DGS apprised of any issues that would prevent them from meeting deadlines. Grades of incomplete should be resolved as soon as possible and certainly within a semester. Any student not meeting the deadlines outlined above will be considered not in good standing and will receive a letter of explanation from the DGS, sent on behalf of the department. Should a student be out of good standing for two consecutive semesters, and after consultation with the Graduate School, the Department will mandate either a Leave of Absence or termination.

The faculty will meet once a year, in a March meeting called by the DGS, to consider preliminary exam proposals and the progress of each of the current PhD students enrolled in the program. Faculty will review the preliminary exam proposals to ensure they have the breadth and depth needed to certify expertise in American Studies. The discussion of the work of other students will be undertaken in order to make suggestions to the DGS and the student for possible publication or presentation of projects; flag potential problems and suggest possible solutions; and consider changes to the graduate curriculum