American Studies Senior Capstone ePortfolio

 All concentrators demonstrate their achievements by the work compiled in the ePortfolio and presented publicly during the reading period of their last semester. At least one of the required four upper-level seminars is taken in the senior year as part of the capstone experience.  

  1. a short reflective essay on what the student learned in American Studies
  2. some demonstration of competence (in the form of papers or projects) of the student's achievements in the concentration as described in the reflective essay
  3. a copy of a research paper from a seminar in the area of the student's focus
  4. a representation of the student's public project in the junior seminar

Students who are writing an honors thesis will include it in the ePortfolio.

Students may add other relevant work to the ePortfolio.

Compiling the online eportfolio is advised and monitored by the Director of Undergraduate Studies. 

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