Agostini, Mark







Name: Mark Agostini

Research Interest:  I am chiefly interested in the population movements, demographic shifts and subsequent social reorganizations of the Ancestral Pueblo people as a result of mass migrations from the Four Corners region into what is now the northern Rio Grande of New Mexico. In particular, I apply multiscalar methodologies to clarify community practices and identities in the past, but also aim to generate data capable of reconstructing social network dynamics, thereby bringing insights of archaeology to bear on contemporary social network effects. Moreover, I employ geochemical ceramic materials analysis along with that of design style to relate ancestral community identity and cultural memory to descendant populations whose links to ancestral places and practices transform contemporary archaeology in the Southwest while informing their own tribal identities and worldviews.

Keywords: Southwest archaeology, Ancestral Pueblo, ceramic analysis, social reorganization, historic pueblos, technological knowledge

Status:  Third Year 

Previous Degrees: B.A. in Anthropology with a focus in Archaeology, University of Vermont

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