Bastani, Parsa







Area of interest: My dissertation research examines the transforming social relationships between drug users and the criminal justice system since the crack epidemic in the United States. This project looks at the ethical implications of using the penal state apparatus to keep people out of its grip. I do this primarily by examining how the courts, jails, and police have entered the realm of therapeutics and public health service delivery. 

I also have an ongoing project that follows the social life of "harm reduction" interventions in Iran. The goal of this project is to understand why and how global health ideologies based on liberal values of choice and individualism travel across borders. This project tracks harm reduction programs in Iran as they interact with a state ideologically opposed to western individualism and a struggling, heavily sanctioned economy that prevents people from choice-making.

Keywords: addiction, drugs, biopolitics, the state, Iran, Middle East, USA, medical anthropology, public health, the police, criminal justice.

Status: Fieldwork

Previous Degrees: B.A. History and Arabic, Washington University in St. Louis, 2012; M.A. Gender and Women's Studies, The American University in Cairo, 2014.

Contact Information: [email protected]