Berhane, Fiori




Areas of Interest:
Fiori entered the program in 2014. Her research focuses on black diasporic populations in Europe. She looks specifically at the Eritrean diaspora in Italy, the ways in which they have come to understand the recent refugee movements in Europe, and questions of political belonging. Her research interests broadly intersect with questions of humanitarian politics in the context of the current European refugee crisis. How does humanitarian aid differ when coming from within marginalized communities themselves? Broadly, she looks at notions of race, belonging, transnationalism, and the formation of communities under conditions of protracted political violence. Her work is situated broadly in socio-cultural anthropology, with an emphasis on political anthropology.

Status: In the field

Keywords: Humanitarian relief, diaspora, transnationalism, political belonging, refugees

Previous Degrees: BA Columbia University in the City of New York; MA City University of New York, City College