Firoz, Malay

Name: Firoz, Malay

Area of interest: Humanitarianism, refugees, war, sovereignty, global governance, empire, political theory, Middle East

Keywords: My research explores the paradigms of humanitarian intervention in the 21st century, specifically addressing debates within political theory and international relations on the diminishing scope of state sovereignty and the rise of global governance as an answer to the proliferating threat of non-state violence. I seek to make an anthropological intervention in this debate, examining the way in which liberal conceptions of political legitimacy underwrite anxieties about state failure and prescribe new structures of control that might take its place. My current project focusses on the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis in Jordan, but my interests may also take me to Lebanon and Turkey.

Status: Post field

Previous Degrees: B.A.(H) English, University of Delhi, 2008; M.A. Sociology, University of Delhi, 2010

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