Horton, Brian

Brian A. Horton






My research broadly explores how queer subcultures are being imagined as and transformed into public cultures across the world through legal, socioeconomic, political, and cultural acts of inclusion. This process of ‘trending’ queerness intersects with ongoing theoretical debates regarding homonationalism, the globalization of western sexual categories, biopolitics, and postcolonial governmentality. Taking these theoretical intersections as jumping off points, my dissertation research focuses on the growing visibility of LGBTQ-identified young people in urban India (Mumbai) and the disjuncture between their roles as producers of queer culture and the ways in which the state is attempting to produce queer subjects. This project asks how young people aspire to forms of belonging beyond (and at times in opposition to) the conferral of legal rights and recognition and instead in intimate spaces of familial, community, and personal networks. At a more theoretical level, I am also interested in thinking about how queer anthropology and queer theory can speak more directly to one another, especially beyond Euro-American, academic contexts.

Keywords: queer theory/queer anthropology, sub/counter culture, agonistics, kinship and intimacy, India

Status: Post Field (Spring 2017)

Previous Degrees: M.A. Anthropology, Brown University, 2014 ; B.A. Political Science, Geography, and French, Texas Tech University, 2010

Contact Information: brian_horton@brown.edu