Courses for Summer 2016

  • Anthropology of Stuff

    Our lives are surrounded by objects we make, gift, sell and buy. What can these objects tell us about who we are as humans? This course will introduce students to material anthropology, exploring what objects can tell us about culture, society and experience. We will talk about gifts, commodities, counterfeits, and copyrights. Students will learn how people make objects, how objects make people, and how the circulation of objects has connected people historically and in the present. Students will also have the opportunity to learn some ethnographic methods to talk about the meaning of objects in the world around them.
    ANTH 0001 S01
    Primary Instructor
  • Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

    This course provides an introduction to cultural anthropology, surveying its defining questions, methods, and findings. We will examine the history and utility of anthropology's hallmark method, ethnography, the long-term immersion of the researcher in the culture under study. We will compare cultural anthropology's findings and comportment in other cultures to its conclusions and conduct in our own. No prerequisites. WRIT DPLL LILE
    ANTH 0100 S01
    Primary Instructor