Courses for Summer 2017

  • Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

    This course provides an introduction to cultural anthropology, surveying its defining questions, methods, and findings. We will examine the history and utility of anthropology's hallmark method, ethnography, the long-term immersion of the researcher in the culture under study. We will compare cultural anthropology's findings and comportment in other cultures to its conclusions and conduct in our own. No prerequisites. WRIT DPLL
    ANTH 0100 S01
    Primary Instructor
  • Racial Politics of Culture: Race and Indigeneity in Anthropology

    Taking its title from Lee D. Baker's Anthropology and the Racial Politics of Culture, this course aims to understand anthropological approaches to race and indigeneity. We'll focus on ethnographic work from a range of ethnographic contexts in order to consider the complexities of race and indigeneity as both analytical concepts and ethnographic facts. We will consider how race and indigeneity are situated in the anthropological project. We will look at such issues as race and science, colonialism, race and culture, structural racism, ethnicity, and whiteness. DPLL
    ANTH 0205 S01
    Primary Instructor
  • Sex, Gender, and Subversion: An Introduction to Queer Anthropology

    From sex between straight men in fraternities to young girls dedicated to and raised as ‘husbands’ of a goddess, we will explore practices of gender and sexuality that run counter to heterosexual and cisgender norms. Through ethnographies, media, and lively class discussions, this course offers an introduction to issues of gender and sexual subversion globally as well as basic concepts that animate discussions of queer anthropology/theory. Course materials will impart an understanding of how sexuality and gender intersect with questions regarding race, class, caste, dis/ability, religion, neoliberalism, (post)colonialism, power, and other thematic issues. There are no prerequisites to this course. WRIT DPLL
    ANTH 1557 S01
    Primary Instructor