Master's Theses: 1984 - Present

2021 Clark, Morgan D.  Bodies Brought to Order: The Ear Ornaments of Ancient Tikal
2021 Moral, Radhika Poetic Lives: Indigeneity and Gendered Belonging in Northeast India
2021 Phillips, Lauren L.  Gathering Places: Inhabited Means of Survivance in Native Alaska
2021 Salinas, Benjamin D.  Rap Originario: Dialogic Identification as Resistance in Indigenous Language Hip Hop
2021 Votta, Amanda M.  Being Together in Pain: Chronic Pain, Opioid Prescribing Guidelines, and the Idea of an Epidemic
2020 Davenport, Sarah ‘Roots Run Deep’ Racialized Capitalism, Urban Development, and Black Geographies in the Lower Ninth Ward.
2020 Frempong, Deborah God Loves Accra: Identity, Faith and Belonging among Return Migrants.
2020 Hasan, Nomaan Movements of Anger at a Shrine in Rural India.
2020 Rivas-Tello, Daiana  Crafting Pots and Empire: Examining Imperialism and Pottery Production at Purun Llaqta del Maino, Peru.
2020 Şanlı, Ayse Sicily Has Always Been a Place of Migration: Perceptions of the Migration Crisis at the Southern Margins of Europe.
2020 Seth, Katyayni Energy and Exhaustion: Caring for Children with Seizures in India.
2019 Dine, Harper Constructing Landscape and Community: Ancient Maya Agricultural Practice and Food in the Usumacintha Region.
2019 Hernandez, Fabiola Musings from the Margin: Patient-Provider Perspectives on the Frontiers of Peruvian Healthcare.
2019 Palchoudhuri, Ahona  Music, Monsoons, and the Cartography of Seasonal and Aesthetic Experience: Tracing Forms Agricultural, Ritual, and Musical Labor in Rural Bengal.
2019 Paulk, Madison Braiding and Weaving: Negotiations of Work and Self for Congolese Hairdressers in South Africa
2019 Suitor, Anabelle The Value of Sacrifice: Elite Space, Domestic Labor, and Class Aspirations in Urban Bangladesh.
2019 Whitlock, Bethany Emplacing Empire: Inka Presence and Power in the Central Utcubamba Valley, Chachapoyas, Peru.
2018 Agostini, Mark Becoming Tewa on the Pajarito Plateau and in the Rio Grande Valley: A Compositional Study of Ancestral Pueblo Pottery in the Tewa Basin, New Mexico, A.D. 1200-1760.
2018 Cai, Yifeng Techno-Erotic-Economic Circuit: The Queer(ing) Relation of Transactional Sex among Men in Contemporary Urban China. 
2018 Kelada, Mariz Evading the Event: Alternative Poetics and Politics of Social Change Through Egypt's Choir Project. 
2018 Mellett, Erin Cochlear Implants and Codas: The Impact of a Technology on a Community.
2018 Schnell, Joshua Medicine, Dental Practice, and the Production of Bone Objects among the Classic Maya as Seen from the S-Sector of Piedras Negras, Guatemala. 
2018 Thompson, Katherine The Experience is Connection: Establishing an Intimate Counterpublic at a Nigerian University.  
2017 Arey, Whitney "Is it Only TB That We Are Talking About?": NGOs and Tuberculosis Case Detection in Southern Ghana.
2017 Bastani, Parsa Do Iranian Drug Addicts Suffer? The State and Clinicians Engage with Harm Reduction.
2017 Marshall, Hannah Investing in My Self: Rehabilitation, Personhood, and Practices of Entrepreneurship Among Ex-prisoners in Gulu, Northern Uganda.
2017 Matsumoto, Mallory Replicating Writing: Molding and Stamping Hieroglyphs on Classic Maya Ceramics.
2017 McKelvey, Patrick Entrepreneurial Acts: Performing the Americans with Disabilities Act at Twenty-five.
2017 Peck, Alexandra Museums as Mestizas: A Multi-Sited Institutional Ethnography of Coast Salish Tribal Museums.
2017 Roche Recinos, Alejandra Maya Lithic Economies at Piedras Negras, Guatemala: Production and Exchange in an Elite Architectural Complex.
2017 Sen, Sertac Tracing the Institutional Self-Fashioning of the Turkish Military in the Military Museum and Cultural Center of Istanbul.
2017 Sulaiman, Samee Disability Rights Discourses in Lebanon: An Ethnography of Disability, Community, and Citizenship in the Aftermath of Civil War. 
2017 Sun, Yuezhu Among Hundred Good Virtues Filial Piety Is the First: Contemporary Moral Discourses on Filial Piety in Urban China.
2016 Alcover, Omar Andres Landscapes of War, Landscapes of Cooperation: Regional Settlement at El Zotz, Guatemala.
2016 Berhane, Fiori S.  When the Stakes are High: Political Organizing and Refugee Assistance amongst Eritrean Exiles in Bologna, Italy.
2016 Deal, Lauren E.  How Will They Know It’s a Protest?: Intertextuality and Interpretive Vulnerability of Protest for the Sikuri Movement of Buenos Aires.
2016 Dewan, Eve H.  Identities in the Arena: The Archaeology of Sports and Gender at Indian Boarding Schools.
2016 Hefny, Sara M.  On the Edge of Inclusion: Interrogating Integration in London’s Arab Diaspora.
2016 Katzenstein, Jessica  The 1033 Program and the Militerization of Policing in the Baltimore Region.
2016 Kearin, Madeline 'A Corpse Instead of a Pauper’: Graveyards as Sites of Ideological Production in 19th-Century Westchester County, New York.
2016 Larotonda, Alice  Infants, Parents, and the State in Cabo Verde: The Making and Unmaking of Citizens, Care, and Good Parenthood.
2015 Avera, Emily W.  Diverse Engraftments: Promissory Notes on Bone Marrow Stem Cell Transplantation in South Africa.
2015 Jones, Alexander C.  Glossolalia, Language Ideologies and Messianic Time in a Central African Postcolony. 
2015 Parikh, Anar  Designed Interventions: Heritage as Aspiration in Ahmedabad, India. 
2015 Shim, Yoon K.  Intersections of Confinement: Space and Place at the Poston Japanese American Internment Camp, Arizona. 
2014 Andrea L. Wright Negotiating Spaces, Negotiating Faces: Beauty Producers and Consumers in Contemporary India. 
2014 Jessica L. Nelson A Tale of Two Trading Posts.
2014 Bryan T. Moorefield On Contracts and Chronotypes: Time and Mexican Guestworkers. 
2014 Kimberly J. Lewis Care and Quality in Ecuador's High-Stake University Accreditation. 
2014 Brian A. Horton Queer Attachments and Emergent Futures: The Policies of Desire and Subjectivity in LGBTQ India. 
2014 Malay Firoz Rightlessness and the Nation-State: Syrian Refugees and the Humanitarian Crisis in Jordan. 
2013 Cormier McSwiggin, Chelsea A. Nanpwen malady ki pa gen remèd (There is no illness that does not have a cure)”: Politicization of HIV in Miami’s Haitian Diaspora.
2013 de Carteret, Alyce M. The Red Shift: Changing Tastes and their Implications at the Elite Maya Residence of El Diablo, Guatemala.
2013 Jorge, Karen M. Reconfiguring Medical Tourism? Discourses and Practices of  “Globalized Medicine” in Panama City, Panama.
2013 Sheridan, Derek R. Uncle Sam said very clearly you are not a country: Deceptions and Revelations of the Imperial Imagination in Taiwan.
2013 Srinivasan, Rama The Heart of the Matter: Narratives of Love and Togetherness in Contemporary Haryana.
2012 Blankenship, Kate A Pyramid Out of Place?: An Analysis of Structure L7-11 at the Classic Maya Site of El Zotz.
2012 Hansen, Magnus "He used to be my grandchild": The Semiotic Construction of Kinship Relations in Acuzulco Otomi Discourse.
2012 Rafiq, Mohamed De-territorialized Shaykhs: How Tanzanian Muslim Actors Are Addressing Their Socio-Economic Marginalization by Emulating Christian Institutional and Media Practices.
2012 Siravo, Bianca "I felt like a real person": Pushing the Bounds of Prenatal Patienthood in the United States.
2012 Stainova, Yana The Music of Becoming: The Social Resonance of Classic Music in the Youth Orchestras of Venezuela's "El Sistema".
2011 Button, Emily Cutting Edge Technology: Ulus in Museums as Vehicles of Cultural Exchange.
2011 Dias, Paula Negotiating Identities: Shell's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Quilombola Communities in Brazil.
2011 Flores, Andrea It's Called Social (or Cultural) Capital Y' All: Migrants in Middle Tennessee and 'Empowerment Education'.
2011 Newman, Sarah The Last Supper: The Role of Ceramic Serving Vessels in Ancient Maya Mortuary Practice.
2011 Savell, Stephanie I'm not a Leader: Grassroots Civil Society in a Rio de Janeiro Favela.
2010 Buswala, Bhawani Man the Producer, Man the Protector: The Gendered Life of Meat Among the Khatiks in Rajasthan.
2010 Carter, Nicholas Paleographic trends and linguistic processes in Classic Ch'olti'an: a spatiotemporal distributional analysis.
2010 Macleod, Josh ¡No a la Mineria! Gold Mining and Indigenous Citizenship in Post-Conflict Guatemala.
2010 Nye, Alice Coleman Assembling Previvors: Bodies of Relation and Configurations of Care in the Lifeworlds of Hereditary Cancer Risk.
2010 Vares, Láura Keeping up Appearances: The Outsourcing of Eldercare, and Its Implications for the Status of Italian Women.
2010 Vaughan-Smith, Maya N. An Accumulation of Self: Social standing, gender, and shifting demographic landscapes of Nakani Women in the Upper East Region of Ghana.
2010 Walker, Caitlin A Ceramic Chronology of the El Zotz Region, Petén, Guatemala.
2009 Doyle James A. A Paleographic Approach to Political Change Using Classic Maya Day Sign Variants.

2009 Ellison, Susan H. “Replicating” Democracy in El Alto?: Political Subjectivity and American Democracy Promotion in Bolivia.
2009 Kar, Sohini From Burra Bazar to Big Basaar: Selling the New World Order in the Marketplaces of Kolka.
2009 Porter, Colin A. Gravestones and King Philip’s War: Commemoration in Seventeenth-Century New England.
2009 Stacey L. Vanderhurst “Image is Everything”: Transnational Governance and the Management of the Reputation of Nigeria. 


Fehrer, Kendra

Seeing the Venezuelan State: Participatory Politics in the Chavez Era.


Leykin, Inna

Where is the Real Russia to be Found?: The Center-Periphery Relationship in Putin’s Russia.
2008 Nuhrat, Yagmur Unsettling Claims of Migrant Visibilities: Receiving Migration in Istanbul.
2008 Skrabut, Kristin Legibility and Land Trafficking: Doing Living in Lima’s Central Margins.
2007 Ashley, Jennifer Mediating Fear: Discourses on Crime in Santiago, Chile.
2007 Barry, Rebekah Callard The Appropriation of Culture in a U.S. Military Context: An Ethnographic Case Study.
2007 Bethea, Indigo Journey to Motherhood.
2007 DeLair, Christy Performing Tradition: The Negotiation of a Pan-ethnic Community in Miss Indian World.
2007 Maldonado, Andrea A Members' Only Community: Distinction and Performance of Self and Other within Social Clubs in Mexico City.
2007 Peters, Rebecca Amanda Warner A Life's Work: The Production of International Development through the Professional Career.
2007 Solomon, Harris Brand Icon: Medical Tourism in India.
2006 Judd, Maya A Woman Without a Child Is No Woman At All Coping with Infertility in Southern Nigeria.
2006 Mazzarino, Andrea Landscapes for Sexuality for Urban Russian Women.
2006 Mesick, Cassandra The Modification of Maya Monuments: Towards a Local Theory of Sculpural Ontology.
2006 Millar, Kathleen Recycling Class: Politics of the Informal Economy at a Brazilian Garbage Dump.
2006 Soroko, Jennifer Water at The Intersection of Militarization, Development, and Democracy on Kwajalein Atoll, In the Republic of the Marshall Islands.
2006 Werner, Allison A Category Apart: Race, Identity and Assimilation Among Dominican Migrants in Washington, DC.
2005 Bocast, Brooke Debating the Educated Body: Gender, Discourse and Pedagogy in an Abayudayan Village.
2005 Dion, Sarah Consumer Choice: Findings from the W.E.B. Du Bois Homesite.
Flores, Gabriel Medical Pluralism and Identity Among the Napo Runa of Ecuador.
2005 Meyers, Rebecca The Gendered and Ethnic Politics of Security in Tijuana, Mexico.
2005 Rhine, Kathryn Marriage and Reproduction Following HIV-positive Diagnoses Among Hausa Women.
2004 Prahl, Rebecca Unconventionalists: "Dreaming It" at the Rocky Horror Picture Show
2004 Reiser, Christine Safeguarding the 'Mint": Analysis of the Fort Island Collection in Comparative Perspective.
2003 Chattopadhyay, Sreeparna Rakta Ebong Biye: Blood and Marriage-Examing the relationship between arranged marriages and a Thalassemia Prevention program in West Bengal, India
2003 Hoover, Elizabeth  Arbiters of Authenticity: Living History in Native American Museums.
2003 Whitehouse, Bruce Staying Soninke: Migration, Multilocality and Identity in a Community of the 
West African Sahel.
2002 Archambault, Caroline "A World of Women" Constraints and Opportunities of Rural "Stayers" in Ugweno, Tanzania.
2002 Koriouchkina, Elisaveta The Russians Are Leaving? Notions of Identity in the Context of Out-Migration of Russians from Kazakhstan.
2002 McMillan, Angela African American Heritage Tours in Dakar, Senegal: Authenticity, Contradictions, and Diasporic Connections.
2001 Andrews, Barbara Migration Over the Life Course: Gender, Generation and Status Change in Afia, Senegal.
2001 Brunson, Jan Women's use of contraceptives in the Kathmandu Valley: Enduring side effects and strategizing fertility
2001 Esara, Pilapa "By and By" - Enacting Mobility, Experiencing Change
2001 Krehbiel, Susi Funga Kabisa and Hamna Athari: Permanency and Side-Effects Considering Female Sterilization and Contraceptive Choice Among the Pare in Ugweno, Tanzania.
2001 Leichtman, Mara From the Cross and Crescent to the Cedar: The Transformation of Religious Identities Among the Lebanese of Senegal
2001 Poliandri, Simone Mi'Kmaw Lobster Fishing in St. Mary's Bay, Nova Scotia: A Traditional Activity?
2001 Rosenmeier, Leah Economics of Subsistence or Exchange? Examining Production Among 18th Century Labrador Inuit.
2000 Roberston, Molly Migration and Marginalization: Health Knowledge and Practice in Garca Torta, Brazil
2000 Thompson, Dondrea The Politics of Display or the Display of Politics? Cultural Policy and the Museum of Dominican Man
1999 Bergstresser, Sara Young Adulthood and Life Choices for Women in South Korea
1999 Giaquinto, Elisa "Com 'Un Abbracio' Like an Embrace: The Walls of Buonconvento."
1999 Moyer, Natalie Kilmainham Gaol and Museum: A Monument to Irish Nationalism
1999 Rogers, Juliette The Current Middle Ages: The Selective World of Authenticity in the Society for Creative Anchronism
1998 Castellanos, Erick Il Campanile, la Nutella e l'Europa: Bolognese Identity in the Face of Immigration
1998 Karz, Sara The Change in Color of "Colorless" Glass at the Great Temple, Petra, Jordan
1998 Lang, Franklin Delano Witchcraft Beliefs Among the Ashanti: A Dynamic Form of Social Control
1997 DiCarlo, Lisa Honor and the Asymmetrical Efficiency of the Turkish Migration Network.
1997 Holly, Donald H. Jr. Revisiting Marginality: Settlement Patterns on the Island of Newfoundland
1997 Moniz, Miguel "Todos os Americanos sao Malucos" and "we are all Portuguese" Touradas, Forcados and festas - The creation of inferential intimacy through conceptions of ethnicity within the context of the Azorean Diaspora.
1996 Barrett, Deirdre G. How can the ceramic analysis of lamps reveal the fingerprint of Empire on the material culture of the Southern Temple, Petra, Jordan?
1996 Bonander, Jason Being a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner: Notes on the Constructing of Professional Identity and Practice in Belize
1996 Feldman, Aimee Social Nudism: Refashioning Naked Bodies
1996 Garcia, Maria E Cebiche, Penas and Chicha Morada: Food, Music and the Creation and Negotiation of Identity in a Peruvian Immigrant Community
1996 Harper, Walter An Anthropological Investigation of African-American Adolescent Male Parents in the South Providence Community of Providence, RI
1996 Hartley, Jennifer A. You Are What You Eat: The Food-Health Connection Model in a Maine Community
1996 Hrychuck, Beth The Archaeology of the Baptiste Settlement Site: Reconstructing Twentieth Century Metis Lifeways in Alberta
1996 Lanzendorf, Brenda The Grounding and Abandonment of the Maria Louisa: A Behaviorist Approach
1996 Rodrigues, Isabel Feo Homes for the Road: Resettlement of a Shantytown in Portugal
1996 Roy, Andrew Ivan Tattooing Against the Norm: Stereotype, Solidarity, and Choice in American Tattooed Identity
1996 Sullivan, Celeste Implications of Two Dialects of Old Egyptian in the Pyramid Texts
1996 Zafiroglu, Alexandra Remodeling the MainstreamÍs Adolescent: Straight Edge Attitudes, Practices and Identity
1995 Allen, Scott Africanisms, Mosaics, and Creativity: The Historical Archaeology of Palmares
1995 Fernando, Rolando Industrialization, Food Systems, and the Transformation of the Filipino Family
1995 Moser, Brigitte The Survival of the Fittest? An Ethnohistorical Study of the Last Commercial Fishing Fleet in the State of Connecticut
1995 Wang, Danyu Family, Kinship and Networks of Migration: A Study of a Migrant Community in Beijing
1994 Barnard, Suzanne N. Imagined Communities in Puerto Rico: The Strategy of Covert Nationalism
1994 Conlin, David L. The Loggerhead Reef Ship Trap: Maritime Site Formation Processes on DRTO-036 and Beyond
1994 Crane, Hillary, K. Spiritualizing Marianismo: The Virgin Mary as a Symbol of Religious Inversion for Filipinas in the United States
1994 Lubkemann, Stephen C. Contested Identities: The Narrative Construction of Refugee Identity in Portugal in the Wake of Decolonization
1994 Ramirez, Josue The Artist and the City: Gentrification and Multiculturalism in the East Village.
1994 Upton, Rebecca Making Ends Meet: Networks and Family Among Women of Color in New Orleans
1993 Hill, Nancy Discourse Strategies of the Egyptian Women's Health Collective in Hayat al mar'a wa-shihatuha
1993 Odess, Daniel Lithic Raw Material Exchange Among Frobisher Bay Paleoeskimos: Building a Model of Regional Contact and Interaction
1993 Touval, Amitai A Question of Character: Israeli Residents of Boston
1993 Veech, Andrew Material Expressions of Chieftainship During LaFlorida's Mission Period: An Analysis of Franciscan Mission Sites
1993 Velovski, Tony Living Together with AIDS: Identity Work in Social Context
1992 Busby, Virginia An Archaeological Examination of Occupational Phases in 17th Century Chapel Field St. Mary's City, Maryland
1992 Chase-Alexander, Sarah "BAD" is Better: An Analysis of the Learning & Conception of Self
1992 Esons, Susan Narrating Identity: Indians, Children and Anthropology
1992 Foster, Joyce The Blending of Black: Different Ethnicities Selecting a Shared and/or Distinctive Identity in the United States
1992 Hall, Catharine K. Hunters & Harvesters: Adaptive Strategies Among the Watermen of the Chesapeake Bay
1992 Kingsbury, Mary Beth Hospice Care: Negotiation for a Domain of Care Within a Discourse of Hope
1992 Soman, Kanchan L. "Traditional Fabric, Modern Times": A Study of the Values of Handloom Cloth in India With Special Reference to Ikat Production at Koyalaguddam in the Post-colonial Context
1991 Bouknight, Gail A. A Study in the Chinese Retail Grocery Trade and Its Impact Upon Chinese Ethnicity and Sino-Jamaican Relations
1991 Cheung, Donna Y. Invisible Autonomy: Women, Aids Prevention, and the Struggle of Meanings
1991 Choi, Kildo Experimental Analysis of the Backel Blades From Star Carr Site
1991 Fish, Steven T. Development, Power and the Peace Corps
1991 Malefyt, Timothy D. The Social Construction of Self in Dance: An Ethnography of the Dancers of Ballet Hispanico
1991 Rosen, Rochelle K. "Is it Real?" The Representation of the Other in an Anthropology Museum Education Program
1991 Souza, Donna J. An Archaeological Survey of a 19th Century Shipwreck
1990 Khatib, Maha K. The Role Played by Honour in Shaping the Conduct of Palestinian Women in the United States
1990 McMullen, Ann Rereading and Rewriting the Past: Toward an Historic Ethnography of the Etchemin
1990 Stevens, Alta Mae Hallelujah and Amen!
1990 Tieng-Trakul, Chanasai Equality Under the Eyes of God
1989 Fitts, Robert K. Puritans, Yankees, and Gravestones A Linguistic Analysis of New England Gravestone Inscriptions
1989 Kim, Hyunchul The Controlling Hands in Corporation: The Van Scoy Case
1989 Kim, Tongwey I am the Other?
1989 Larson, Mary Ann An Interpretation of the Band 3, Level 2 Choris House at the Site of Onion Portage, Alaska
1989 Murphy, Larry E. SSL17: Natural Site Formation processes of a Multiple-Component Underwater Site in Florida
1989 Niver, William Michael Grist Mills and the Theory of Agglomeration
1988 Anderson, Kenneth Thomas An Ethnography of Communication Approach to Electronic Mail in a Computer Science Department
1988 Chami, Felix A. The Coastal Iron Age Site in Kirsarawe Tanzania
1988 Goodby, Robert G. The Seabrook Phase and Post-Hopewillian Interaction in the Northeast
1988 Kusel, Lisa G. B-Flat on the Mall: Street Musicians as a Reference Group
1988 Kyara, Onesphor A. Raw Material Considerations as Deteminants of Pleistocene Stone Tool Variation in Africa
1988 Matteru, Elikunda Pre-Portuguese Contact along the coast of Tanzania: A Discourse
1988 McClard, Anne Page Becoming Butterflies: The Mediation of Paradox at Paradise Street Theater
1988 Titterington, Patrice An Historical and Archaeological Perspective on Community Decline and Abandonment: Dogtown, MA.
1987 Alaug, Abdul Karim S. Motives for Migration and Structural-cultural Assimilation: The Yemeni Immigrant Community in Detroit, Michigan
1987 Chatterjee, Nilanjana Defining the Self: Bihari Doms in Calcutta
1987 Finn, Leila P. Change in an American order of Catholic Nuns: The Sisters of Mercy of the Union
1987 Hodge, Laura Q. Womens' Roles and Migration Strategies
1987 Hsieh, Camilla Staying Buddhist Or Turning Christian
1987 Kryder-Reid, Elizabeth The Jireh Bull Site Reanalyzed. The Formation of a Seventeenth Century Frontier
1987 Newman, David D. Culture Contact in 17th Century Souteastern New England: An Ethnohistorical and Material Culture Analysis
1987 Ragone, Helena The Differential Impact of AIDS on Gay Male Lifestyle
1987 Robinson, Brian S. Middle Archaic Mortuary Evidence and a Proposed Chronological Sequence for the Northeast Coastal Archaic Tradition
1987 Ybarrola, Steven Intermarriage Assimilation, and Ethnicity Maintenance: A Basque American Case Study
1986 Hoffmann, Mary Ann Mugangala: The Structure of an Enanga Epic
1986 Lourie, Kevin J. On the Contradictions of Working Class Drug Subscultures: A Comparative Ethnography
1986 Msemwa, Paul J. Pattern Recognition: Some Reflections on Lithic Use From Paleo-Indian Sites of New England
1986 Parker, Linda Ann The Providence Black Community in Early 19th Century: A Problem in Archaeological Visibility
1986 Reinhardt-Brophy, Kristen Tuluata and the Maupua Adze Quarry: The Lithic Manufacturing Center of Samoa
1985 Adams, Virginia H. Individual Agrarian Economic Strategies: Exchange in Eighteenth Century Rehoboth, Massachusetts
1985 Busby, Annette C. The Development and Maintenance of Kurdish Ethnic Identity among Kurdish Immigrants in Sweden
1985 Loparto, Leonard V. A Preliminary Observation on Behalf of a Revised View of the Expansion of the Susquehanna Tradition into Southeastern New England and the Coexistence of the Coburn and Orient Phases
1985 Wheelersburg, Robert The Development of Fort Ancient Through an Archaeo-botanical Analysis of the State Line Site, Ohio
1985 Zacks, Sarah An 18th Century Plantation Support Structure on the Caribbean Island of Montserrat
1984 Harrington, Peter Museum Studies (NO PAPER NEEDED)
1984 Kavanagh, Nancy E. Through the Safety Net: Urban Homeless Women
1984 Pate, Frank Donald, Jr. Mortuary Practices & Paleodiet as Archaeological Signatures of Social Organization & Status at Roonka on the Lower Murray River of So. Australia