Parikh, Anar

Name: Parikh, Anar

Area of interest: I am interested in the South Asian Diaspora (particularly in the US), anthropological approaches to studying democracy, and the politics of multiculturalism and representation. My research examines how South Asians in the US are simultaneously incorporated into, assert themselves in, and are excluded from the American political landscape. This project begins at the intersection of provisions in a 1992 Amendment to the Voting Rights Act, which creates provisions for bilingual voting materials for those language minorities that have suffered a history of exclusion from the political process, and the noted emergence of South Asian Americans in the American public sphere. I plan to examine the micropractices of political inclusion by exploring the ways in which community organizations, political candidates, and individuals interface with politics in the US. My previous research project, "Designed Interventions: The Politics of Heritage in Ahmedabad" explored the discourses of heritage preservation among tour guides, businesspeople, the media, and heritage preservation in Ahmedabad, India.

Keywords: South Asian diaspora; the United States; anthropology of democracy; politics of multiculturalism and representation

Status: Post field

Previous Degrees: B.A., Bard College, History and Anthropology

Contact Information: [email protected]