Schnell, Joshua T.

Schnell, JoshuaSchnell, Joshua







Area of Interest:  I am an archaeologist and biological anthropologist working in the Maya area. My research program has two fundamental aspects: (1) the human encounter with death, disease, and the corpse and (2) understanding practices, rituals, and behaviors affecting the body both living and dead, including processing, modification, and mutilation. My dissertation work focuses on human bone in non-funerary contexts to study how the Maya worked, used, and interacted with both living bodies and dead bodies, as well as how these activities intersected with other spheres of life such as commerce, religion, or medicine. My work includes topics such as ancient medicine, human war trophies, objects made from human bone, body modification, violence and sacrifice, and mortuary ritual.

Keywords:  Maya archaeology, bioarchaeology, the human body, death and dying, body modifications, body processing, body mutilation, medicine and health, violence and sacrifice, osteology, paleopathology, mortuary archaeology

 Status:  Third year

Previous Degrees:  B.S. in Anthropology and B.A. in Religious Studies from Michigan State University and M.A. in Anthropology from Brown University.