Benjamin Kunsberg

Benjamin Kunsberg




Prager Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics
Room 222, 182 George Street
401.863. 1320

Ph.D., Yale University, 2014

Research Interests

Topological and geometric approaches in computer vision, 3D shape reconstruction


National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship 2006–2011


Kunsberg, B. and Zucker, S.W. How shading constrains surface patches without knowledge of light sources, SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences (2014) 

Cholewiak, S., Kunsberg, B., Zucker, S.W., and Fleming, R. Orientation flows predict 3D shape perception for both shading and texture, PNAS, submitted (2014)

Kunsberg, B., and Zucker, S.W. Why Shading Matters Along Contours, Neuromathematics of Vision, Chap. 3 (2013)

Gintautaus, V., Ham, M., Kunsberg, B., Brumby, S., Rasumussen, C., George, J., Nemenman, I., Bettencourt, L., and Kenyon, G. Model Cortical Association Fields Account for the Time Course and Dependence on Target Complexity of Human Contour Perceptio, PLOS Computational Biology (2011) 

Rivas, A.L., Kunsberg, B., Chowell, G., Smith, S.D., Hyman, J.M., and Schwager, S.J. Human-mediated foot-and-mouth disease epidemic dispersal: disease and vector clusters, Journal of Vet. Med. B (2006)

Kunsberg, B. and Zucker, S.W. The many-to-one map from shading patches to surfaces, in preparation (2014)


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