Chau-Hsing Su

Chau-Hsing Su




Professor of Applied Mathematics
Room  204, 170 Hope Street
Phone +1 401-863-2507
Phone 2: +1 401 863 2115

Ph.D., Princeton University, 1964 


Professor Su's research interests have been in the kinetic theory of gases, plasma physics, atmospheric fluid flows, water waves and randomly forced fluid flows.   Currently, Professor Su's research areas comprise the study of spatial random processes which satisfy bilateral second order dynamical systems. These processes are found to be governed by a modified Helmholtz equation. A number of covariant functions have been constructed in one and higher dimensions. Research also involves shock wave propagation under the influence of randomly moving objects and by rough surfaces characterized by hspatially random processes.


Professor Chau-Hsing received his PhD in Aeronautical Engineering from Princeton University in 1964. He was a Ford Postdoctoral Fellow and assistant professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1964-66. After one year at the Plasma Physics Laboratory in Princeton University, he came to Brown in 1967. He was awarded a senior fellowship at the National Atmospheric Research Center in Boulder, Colorado from 1973-1974, and was appointed as a visiting professor at Beijing University, China from 1981-1982. He was also appointed visiting professor at at Joseph Fourier University in France from 1989-1990.


Ford Fellowship, MIT., 1964—1966
Senior Fellowship, National Center for Atmospheric Research, 1973—1974

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