Finitite Element Exterior Calculus

APMA 2811X S01 [CRN: 17163]

In this course we will cover finite elements for the Hodge Laplacian. We start in three dimensions and discuss the Nedelec finite element spaces for H^1, H(curl) and H(div) and discuss the corresponding de Rham complex. We discuss how they can be applied to the Stokes problem and electro-magnetic problems. We then generalize these spaces to higher dimensions and show how to use them to approximate the Hodge Laplacian. We will mostly follow the review paper: [Finite Element Exterior Calculus: from Hodge Theory to Numerical Stability].
Fall 2017
10:00 - 10:50 Mon, Wed, Fri - from Sep 6, 2017 to Dec 21, 2017