Kavita Ramanan

Kavita Ramanan




Roland George Dwight Richardson University Professor of Applied Mathematics
Associate Chair, Division of Applied Mathematics
Room 317, 182 George Street
Phone: +1 401 863 3416 
[email protected]

Ph.D., Brown University, 1998

Research Interests 

Professor Ramanan works on probability theory, stochastic processes and their applications. Her focus has been to develop basic mathematical tools for the study of stochastic processes that arise in applications, especially those modeling stochastic networks. In recognition of her fundamental work on reflected processes and large deviations, she was awarded the Erlang prize in 2006 for "outstanding contributions to applied probability" by the INFORMS Applied Probability Society. In addition, Professor Ramanan has contributed to a number of other research areas such as Gibbs measures, phase transitions and measure valued processes. She was also granted several patents for applied work that she carried out while at Bell Laboratories.

Honors and Awards 

Elected Fellow of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics, April 2013
Erlang Prize, Applied Probability Society, Applied Probability Society of INFORMS, November 2006
Stella Dafermos Award for Academic Achievement, Brown University, Providence, RI May 1996
Simon Ostrach Fellowship, Brown University, Providence, RI , 1995–1996
President's Award for Excellence in Teaching (Honorable Mention) Brown University, Providence, RI May 1995
Graduate School Fellowship, Brown University, Providence, RI 1992–1993
R.D. Sethna Scholar, R.D. Sethna Trust, Mumbai, India 1992


Associate Editor, Annals of Probability (2006--present)
Associate Editor, Annals of Applied Probability (2009--present)
Associate Editor, Mathematics of Operations Research (2007--present)
Associate Editor, Queueing Systems (2008--present)
Stochastic Analysis and Applications (2002--2010)
Guest Editor, Special Issue of Queueing Systems on "Stochastic Networks", 2010


American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)  

Bernoulli Society                                 

Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS)
American Mathematical Society (AMS)
Association of Women in Mathematics (AWM)
Applied Probability Society (APS)
Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences(INFORMS)


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