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Mamikon Gulian Receives the John von Neumann Fellowship

Mamikon Gulian Receives the John von Neumann Fellowship at Sandia Labs

Mamikon GulianMamikon GulianThe John von Neumann Fellowship was awarded to Mamikon Gulian,  Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Brown University.  It will offer Mamikon the opportunity to contribute to Sandia National Labs and Department of Energy (DOE) missions while also giving him the resources and freedom to develop an individual research program. He will be hosted by the Computational Sciences Research Institute (CSRI) at Sandia in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Sandia is one of the three National Nuclear Security Administration R&D Laboratories, and CSRI works on computational and mathematical problems for Sandia and DOE projects. Mamikon was awarded the fellowship after an interview process and a proposal for leveraging fast numerical methods and machine learning tools to develop frameworks for data-driven discovery of fractional and nonlocal partial differential equations from field data. This grew out of his thesis work in the CRUNCH group of his advisor George Karniadakis, Professor of Applied Mathematics, which involved studying theoretical aspects (such as stochastic solution formulas and boundary conditions) of fractional operators, machine learning of fractional partial differential equations using physics-informed Gaussian processes, and solving high-dimensional fractional differential equations using Monte Carlo path-integral methods. Mamikon was also fortunate to work with the group of Brenda Rubenstein, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, in the Department of Chemistry on the last topic.