Mark Ainsworth

Mark Ainsworth




Professor of Applied Mathematics

Room 225, 182 George Street

Phone: +1 401- 863 2671

[email protected]

Ph.D., Durham University, UK

Prior to coming to Brown, Professor Ainsworth held the 1825 Chair in Mathematics at Strathclyde University and was Director of NAIS, a large joint research centre between the Universities of Edinburgh, Heriot-Watt and Strathclyde, and Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre. In the early 90s, he was a post-doc and very frequent visitor at The University of Texas at Austin where he also met his wife before moving back to the UK.

Research Interests

Computer simulation is now pervasive throughout science and engineering. Discretision of the underlying model results in discrepancy between the true solution and the computer's predictions. The big question is how much can you trust this data? We have developed rigorous bounds to quantify and control the accuracy of simulations of a diverse range of applications from electromagnetics working with BAe Systems, to the certification of pipelines in the North Sea Oil industry.


2010 Elected to Fellowship of the Institute of Mathematics and Its Applications.

2004 Awarded Whitehead Prize for mathematics from London Mathematical Society.

2004 Awarded J.L. Lions Prize for Computational Mathematics from ECCOMAS.

2003 Elected Fellow of Royal Society of Edinburgh (Scottish National Academy of Science and Letters).

2002 Leverhulme Research Fellowship.

1989 Leslie Fox Prize for Numerical Analysis. Runner up


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