Mathematical Contest for Modeling

Mathematical Contest for Modeling 

Four Brown student teams participated in this year's Mathematical Contest for Modeling (7,500 teams participating) and the Interdisciplinary Contest for Modeling (5,000 teams participating).   The competition provides many important benefits to the students who participate.  Among these benefits is the opportunity to put into practice the diverse range of applied mathematics and computational skills that students have acquired while at Brown.  In addition, students have the chance to work on open ended research problems of particular significance in our current day.

Julia Gross, Geoffrey Kocks, and Clayton Sanford worked on the ICM problem of improving access to clean, fresh water for everyone. Their solution had to attack the problem of water scarcity from multiple angles using various datasets and to create intervention strategies for a region to mitigate the water crisis. Clayton, Geoffrey, and Julia received the Outstanding Winner designation for their work, the highest in the contest. This is one of only 5 such awards out of the 3209 teams that chose to approach this problem!

Martin Carlsen, Julia Romanski, and Sorin Vatasoiu worked on effective ways to distribute funds of a philanthropic foundation interested in improving undergraduate education using large datasets from educational institutions. Julia, Martin, and Sorin received an Honorable Mention (ranked in the top 45%) for their work.

Samuel Angelo Crisanto, Ekaterina Kryuchkova, and Zachary Loery worked on an effective strategy for maintaining the temperature in a hot bathtub while minimizing the overall use of water.  Kath, Samuel, and Zachary also received an Honorable Mention (ranked in the top 45%) for their work.

Yimou Li, Zitao Quan, and Shi Zheng also worked on devising effective strategies for controlling the temperature of a hot bathtub, whilst minimizing the overall use of water. Shi, Yimou, and Zitao received an Honorable Mention (ranked in the top 45%) for their project. 

The Division of Applied Mathematics wishes to congratulate all teams on their great accomplishment!

The Brown SIAM Chapter will again organize a local modeling contest in winter.