Nonlinear Wave Equations

Nonlinear Wave Equations

A special conference is being celebrated in honor of Professor Walter Strauss' 80th Birthday, entitled, "Nonlinear Wave Equations."  It will be held from May 14 - 17,  2018.  More information will be forthcoming at this website in the coming weeks.  

The speakers for this conference are as follows:

Adrian Constantin (Wien)
Mihalis Dafermos (Cambridge and Princeton)
Bernard Deconnick (U. Washington)
L. Craig Evans (Berkeley)
Manoussos Grillakis (Maryland)
Zaher Hani (GeorgiaTech)
Alexandru Ionescu (Princeton)
Carlos Kenig (Chicago)
Clement Mouhot (Cambridge)
Toan Nguyen (Penn State U.)
Peter Olver (U. Minnesota)
Fabio Pusateri (Princeton)
Gerhard Rein (Bayreuth)
Jalal Shatah (Courant)
Laure Saint-Raymond (ENS Lyon)
Jean-Claude Saut (U. Paris Sud)
Daniel Spirn (Minnesota)
Gigliola Staffilani (MIT)
Robert Strain (U. Penn)
Catherine Sulem (Toronto)
Nikolay Tzvetkov (U. Cergy-Pontoise)
Michael Weinstein (Columbia)
Jon Wilkening (Berkeley)
Allen Wu (Brown)
Sijue Wu (Michigan)

For more information please visit:

Organizing committee: C. Dafermos (Brown), Y. Guo (Brown), B. Pausader (Brown) 

The conference is supported in part by NSF, Department of Mathematics and Division of Applied Mathematics at Brown. Financial support for young mathematicians is available.