Visitor Travel Reimbursements

Please review Brown's Visitor Travel Reimbursement policy provided by Brown's Controller's Office. 

For US citizens seeking visitor travel reimbursement, please complete the Visitor Travel Reimbursement Form in order to initiate the reimbursement process from the Division of Applied Mathematics at Brown University.  Be aware that the address you insert on this form will be the destination to which your reimbursement check is mailed. Please send your travel receipts to Lyubov Niemann.  Forwarded or scanned receipts are perfectly acceptable.  

For reimbursements for non US citizens, please fill out the Brown University Supplier and Individual Payee Registration Form.  When filling out this form, please keep in mind, that although the form appears to be for a business, non-citizens are able to use this form as an individual in order to receive a wire transfer.  You will also need to type and complete the Brown University Wire Transfer Form .  Once the form is completed, please scan and email a copy to Lyubov Niemann

Since some of the questions on the Supplier Form can be somewhat ambiguous, some clarification has been provided below in italic print:

Business Name (if no business name, indicate N/A) = N/A
Email for Purchase Order (indicate N/A if not applicable) = N/A
Primary Business Type = Individual
Brown Department = Division of Applied Mathematics
I am = Sole Proprietor or Individual
Is this business US Small Business Association Certified? = No
Payment Terms = EFT is Net 5: Electronic Funds Transfer direct to your bank account (Payment within 5 business days of receipt of invoice in Brown Accounts Payable)