The goals of the Applied Mathematics Departmental Undergraduate Group (AMDUG) are to bring together Brown students who have a common interest in Applied Mathematics.  The goal of the AMDUG is to share resources and talent, develop relationships with faculty and each other, and organize lectures and inspiring events.  Since Applied Mathematics is inherently cross disciplinary, the AMDUG welcomes students from all concentrations which involve some aspect of a mathematical nature.  It is hoped that by developing and nurturing a vibrant community of students with diverse interests, unified by mathematics, the Brown undergraduate experience will be made much richer and more fulfilling. 

The AMDUG gladly welcomes all students at Brown with an interest in Applied Mathematics.  The AMDUG typically holds its weekly meetings in Page-Robinson Hall 401 every Wednesday at 5:30 p.m.  Normally events will take place in the Division of  Applied Mathematics buildings, located at 182 George Street and 170 Hope Street.  Many interesting activities are planned each semester, and may include, student and faculty lunches, talks by Brown faculty, math puzzle evenings, and panel discussions on careers, grad school, and research.  Events are well advertised through emails, Facebook, and posters.  Anyone with an interest in Applied Mathematics is encouraged to participate!  If you wish to join the group please email Blaise RebmanArya Ökten, or Berke Türkay

This year's officers are as follows:

Co-Presidents Blaise Rebman, Arya Ökten, Berke Türkay

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