Honors Theses

Honors Theses


Adaptive N-of-1 Trials
Mehmet Alkan
Concentration Advisor: Hongjie Dong
Primary Advisor:  Neil Sarkar, BioMed

Effect of Climate Change on Distribution of Malaria
Nikolas Baya
Concentration Advisor:  Bjorn Sandstede
Primary Advisor:  Martin Maxey

Properties of multisensory Integration in Xenopus Laevis Tadpoles
Julia Bleier
Concentration Advisor:  Katerin Smith, Bio
Primary Advisor:  Carlos Aizenman, BioMed

Universally Energy Minimizing Point Configurations on Spheres
Collin Cademartori
Concentration Advisor:  Richard Schwartz, Mathematics
Primary Advisor: Govind Menon

The Mathematics of Rowing
Albert Richard Caputo
Concentration Advisor: Bjorn Sandsede
Primary Advisor:  Bjorn Sandstede

Using Lapatinib to Increase Taxol Sensitivity in Triple Negative Breast Center: Does Promoting Cell Division Enhance Therapeutic Response
Elizabeth Clifton
Concentration Advisor:  Bjorn Sandstede
Primary Advisor:  Michelle Dawson (Molecular Pharmacology)

Fast Simulation for Option Pricing
Violet Davis
Concentration Advisor: Bjorn Sandstede
Primary Advisor: Hui Wang

Leveraging Crowds in Crowdfunding with Social Epidemics
Alexandra Djorno
Concentration Advisor:  Bjorn Sandstede
Primary Advisor: Anastasios Matzavinos

Long-time Integration of Reactive Transport in Biochemical Processes and Application in Coagulation Kinetics
Duncan William Martinson
Concentration Advisor: Bjorn Sandstede
Primary Advisor: Martin Maxey

Ensuring Efficient Convergence to a Given Stationary Distribution
Kenneth M. Peluso
Concentration Advisor:  Bjorn Sandstede
Primary Advisor: Bjorn Sandstede

Function Minimization Using Infinite Swapping
Jacob Ruth
Concentration Advisor: Bjorn Sandstede
Primary Advisor: Paul Dupuis

Bayesian Generative Model for Identifying Cancer Genes
Zheng Shi
Concentration Advisor: Hongjie Dong
Primary Advisor: Charles Lawrence

Correspondence Between Heart Rate and Affect in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Typically Developing Children
Jessica Simon
Concentration Advisor: Bjorn Sandstede
Primary Advisor: Stephen J. Sheinkopf (BioMed Psy & Human Behavior)

Stochastic Epidemic Models with Non-Exponential Infection Periods
Hwai-Ray Tung
Concentration Advisor: Hongjie Dong
Primary Advisor:  Kavita Ramanan

A Study of Some Interacting Particle Systems:  Simulations and Asymptotics
Mitchell Wortsman
Concentration Advisor:  Bjorn Sandstede
Primary Advisor:  Kavita Ramanan


Resolving Missing Data Problems Using Machine Learning
Sadhana Bala
Concentration Advisor: Bjorn Sandstede
Main Advisor:  Mark Howison

Quantifying Synchronicity and Rhythmicity in the SCN
Ali Noel Gunesch
Concentration Advisor:  Anastasios Matzavinos
Main Advisor:  Anastasios Matzavinos

Dissecting High-Order Epistatic Relationships Using Walsh Transforms
Jacob Jaffe
Concentration Advisor:  Sohini Ramachandran
​Main Advisor:  Daniel Weinreich

Modeling Evacuation Dynamics in Crowded Room
Ekaterina Kryuchkova
Concentration Advisor: Bjorn Sandstede
​Main Advisor:  Bjorn Sandstede

Volatility Smiles and Their Implicit Volatility Implications
Jaime Lavilla
Concentration Advisor:  Bjorn Sandstede
​Main Advisor:  Nicolas Garcia Trillos

The Cross-Entropy Method for Portfolio Credit Risk
Shiying Luo
Concentration Advisor:   Bjorn Sandstede
​Main Advisor: Hui Wang

A Longitudinal Analysis of Self-Reported Health Among Women in Cebu, Philippines
Monica-Ann Mendoza
Concentration Advisor: Sohini Ramachandran
Main Advisor:  Adam Sullivan

Stochastic Mesh Methods For Pricing American Options
Stefan Minic
Concentration Advisor:  Martin Maxey
Main Advisor:  Hui Wang

Evolutionary Stabilization of Mutation Rates in Variable Environments
Chibuikem Nwizu
Concentration Advisor:  Hongjie Dong
Main Advisor: Daniel Weinreich

Childcare Programs: The Examination of the Effects of Providers’ Demographic Backgrounds and their Position During Mealtime on Their Abilities to Promote Healthy Eating Habits and Manners in Children
Kristina Park
Concentration Advisor:  Martin Maxey
Main Advisor: Patricia Risica

Random Matrix Theory and Quantum Gravity
Mansheej Paul
Concentration Advisor:  Bjorn Sandstede
​Main Advisor:  Antal Jevicki

Modeling the Evolution of Anti-Malarial Drug Resistance
Sovijja Pou
Concentration Advisor:  Bjorn Sandstede
​Main Advisor:  Daniel Weinreich

On Waves in Intracellular Calcium Cycling
Kimberly Truong
Concentration Advisor:  Bjorn Sandstede
​Main Advisor:  Bjorn Sandstede

Indirect Mutational Pathways to Drug Resistance
Amanda Zajac
Concentration Advisor:  Sohini Ramachandran
​Main Advisor:  Daniel Weinreich


The Spread of Infections Diseases over Dynamic Networks
Ragna M. Eide
Advisor:  John Gemmer
Reader:  Bjorn Sandstede

Cardio-Respiratory Responses in 12-month old Infants with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Arushi Jauhair
Thesis Advisor and First Reader:  Dr. Stephen Sheinkopf, Ph.D., Department of Human Behavior and Department of Pediatrics
Second Reader:  Dr. Martin Maxey, Division of Applied Mathematics

Random Colored Line Hierarchy Task (RCLHT): Parallel and Serial Accumulation of Information in Decision Making
Ji Sun (Julia) Kim
Primary Advisor:  Michael Frank
Secondary Advisor:  Matt Harrison

Investigating the Effects of Traffic-Related Air Pollution on Neurodevelopment and Myelination in Children
Justin Juan
Advisor:  Professor Sean Deoni

Machine Learning Approaches to Prediction of Type 2 Diabetes
Ian Pan
Advisor:  Xi Luo
Reader:  Anastasios Matzavinos

Gait Dynamics in Anolis Lizards Across Speeds and Inclines
Noel Park
Primary Advisor:  Thomas Roberts, BioMed Ecology and Environmental Biology
Secondary Advisor:  Vladimir Dobrushki

Discriminatively-Specified Nonlinear Kalman Filters
Shawn Tsutsui
Primary Advisor:  Matthew Harrison
Secondary Advisor:  John Gemmer


The role of muscular beta oscillations in tactile detection
Uday Agrawal
Primary Reader: Stephanie Jones
Secondary Reader: Catherine Kerr

TeachWithGlass: Improving the Teaching Experience through Google Glass
David Correa Orozco
Primary Reader: Tim Kraska
Secondary Reader:  Anastasios Matzavinos

Mathematical Modeling and Estimation of Axonal Transport Rate in vivo using Manganese-enhanced MRI in Alzheimer’s Mice
Chloe Cross
Primary Advisor:  Dr. Satoshi Minoshima, M. D., Ph.D., Chair of Radiology, University of Utah
Secondary Advisor: Professor Matthew Harrison, Division of Applied Mathematics, Brown University

Creating a CLAMP null in vitro and in vivo using the CRISPR/Cas9 System
Caroline Doherty
Primary Advisor:  Jennifer Johnson
Secondary Reader: Charles Lawrence, Professor of Applied Mathematics

A Deep Belief Network Approach to Learning Depth From Optical Flow
Reuben Feinman
Primary Reader: Thomas Serre
Secondary Reader: Stuart Geman

Mathematical Modeling of Oceanic Phytoplankton Blooms in Chaotic Flows
Mara Freilich
Primary Reader: Bjorn Sandstede
Secondary Reader:  Baylor Fox-Kemper 

Packing Geometry Influences Leaf Shape
Eric Kalosa-Kenyon
Primary Reader: Govind Menon 
Secondary Reader: Erika Edwards

Probabilistic Inference on the Source and the Sequence of the Transposon Insertions
Taesoo Kim
Primary Reader:  Charles Lawrence
Second Reader:   William Thompson and Robert Reinan

Statistical methods to distinguish classic selective sweeps from bottlenecks in genome-wide data 
Maya Ramchandran
Primary Reader:  Sohini Ramchandran
Second Reader: Daniel Weinreich

A Cross Entropy Simulation Scheme for the Double Exponential Jump-Diffusion Process
Rebecca Rieke
Primary Reader:  Hui Wang
Second Reader: Hongjie Dong

Methods and software for detecting contaminated samples genotyped with SNPs
Elena N. Venable
Primary Reader:  Anastasios Matzavinos
Secondary Reader:  Bjorn Sandstede


Spatial Modeling for Financial Contagion.
Clarence Ho 

Implementation Analysis of Haze Protocol.
John Boreiko 

Education and Social Mobility in Rural India.
Kamna Kathuria  

Load Balancing in Stochastic Networks: Algorithms, Analysis, and Game Theory.
Katrina Kardassakis 

The Mechanism of Beta (15-29 Hz) Oscillations in Human Cortex: A Combined Computational and Electrophysiological Investigation.
Maxwell Sherman 

Rachel Occhiogrosso 

Analyzing the Behavior of Cells of the Nervous System in Three Dimensional Culture Platforms A 
Ryan Din 


Koushiki Bose, AM/Econ, Class of 2013
The Lottery as an Occupancy Process: Large Deviations Approximations and Importance Sampling.
Thesis advisor/Readers:  Paul Dupuis, Adam McCloskey

Chishio Furukawa, AM/Econ, Class of 2013
Do Solar Lamps Help Children Study? Contrary Evidence From a Pilot Study in Uganda.
Thesis Advisor/Readers:  Andrew Foster

Yawei Ge, AM/Bio, Class of 2013
Time Course of Mito-Nuclear Genetic Response to Hypoxia In Drosophila Melanogaster.
Thesis Advisor/Readers:  David Rand

Daniel Gitelman,AM,  Class of 2013
A Study of Erdos-Renyi Random Graphs.
Thesis Advisor/Readers:  Kavita Ramanan

Ryan Handoko, AM/Bio, Class of 2013
Mechanics and Motility of Activated Neutrophils
Thesis Advisor/Readers:  Jay Tang, Jonathan Reichner

Abigail Kerson, AM/Bio, Class of 2013
Revealing Interactions Between Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Mutant Alleles of VCP and SODI via Drosophila Melanogaster Models Using Endogenous Gene Targeting.
Thesis Advisor/Readers: Robert Reenan, Charles Lawrence

Wookun Kim, AM/Econ, Class of 2013
Will Pronatalist Policy Work? The Case of South Korea
Thesis Advisor/Readers:  Andrew Foster

Qiaohan Li, AM/Econ, Class of 2013
Rebalancing Growth in China: Cross-Province Evidence
Thesis Advisor/Readers: Louis Putterman, Kenneth Chay, Frank Kleibergen

Austen Mack-Grane, AM/Econ, Class of 2013
Management of a Cooperative Fishery With Cyclic Environmental Shocks.
Thesis Advisor/Readers:  Sriniketh Nagavarapu

Ethan Richman, AM/Bio, Class of 2013
A Synthetic Biological System for Transsynaptic Manipulation of Neural Circuits.
Thesis Advisor/Readers: Gilad Barnea

Olivia Ruggiero, AM/Bio, Class of 2013
The Effects of Neonatal Serotonin Levels on Infant Sleep.
Thesis Advisor/Readers: Amy Salisbury,  Marion Young

Elias Scheer, AM/Bio, Class of 2013
Assaying Functional Identity of Developing Mouse Olfactory Sensory Neurons with Fine Temporal Control. 
Thesis Advisor/Readers:  Gilad Barnea

Tanayott Thaweethai, AM/Econ, Class of 2013
Evolutionary Opportunities for Horizontal Transmission of Antibiotic Resistance Across Bacterial Species.
Thesis Advisor/Readers: Daniel Weinreich, Jeremy Rich

John Thickstun, AM, Class of 2013
Statistical Inference on Music with Applications to the Transcription Problem.
Thesis Advisor/Readers:  Eugene Charniak, Hui Wang

Lixian Wang, AM/Econ, Class of 2013
Evaluating Prospects of Internationalization of Chinese RMB.
Thesis Advisor/Readers:  George Borts, David Wyss, Hongjie Dong, Kenneth Char

Chi Zhang, AM/Econ, Class of 2013
Public Goods Game with Group Competition and Efficiency Redistribution
Thesis Advisor/Readers:  Louis Putterman

Shaopeng Zhang, AM/Econ, Class of 2013
Economic Growth Ccross Provinces in China from 197 to 2010.
Thesis Advisor/Readers:  Louis Putterman, Constantine Dafermos 


Frankie Camacho, Class of 2012
Compressed Sensing and its applications to MRI's
Thesis Advisor:  Professor Jan Hesthaven

Nadejda Drenska, Class of 2012
Numerical Approximation of Spectra for Localized Oscillatory Structures
Thesis advisor:  Professor Bjorn Sandstede

Ozge Can Gencler, Class of 2012
Modeling the resilience of marine communities in the Galapagos Marine Reserve
Thesis Advisor:  Professor Jon Witman

Jason Kaye, Class of 2012
The Interpolation of Gravitational Waveforms
Thesis advisor:  Professor Jan Hesthaven

Jiacui Li, Class of 2012
Approximating equilibria in multistage Bayesian games - with applications to sequential auctions
Thesis Advisor:  Professor Amy Greenwald


Allison Wentz, AM, Class of 2011
Matrix Population Models With an Application to the Fish Species Lutjanus peru.
Thesis Advisor/Readers:  Professor Martin Maxey

Zuhal Zeynep Yildirim, AM/Econ, Class of 2011
Assessing the Effect of Education on Income and Fertility in China.
Thesis Advisor/Readers:  Oded Galor