Visitor Information

Visitor Information

For those who are visiting the Division, the below mentioned information may be helpful.  



Off-Campus Housing options:  Information on rentals (houses, apartments, sublets and roommate arrangements)

Hotels and Short-term Visiting Scholar Housing:  If you need a hotel reservation for a few days while visiting Brown on official business, the division will make a reservation for you at one of the local hotels. We can also arrange short-term housing at one of Brown-owned properties. Please contact the inviting professor and he/she will authorize the reservation. Please contact one of the Divisions's administrative coordinators (listed below) with any questions/requests.


Information on Types of Visas Available for Scholars

Information on B-1/Visa Waiver for Business (short-term visitors):   Visitors that are coming to Brown for a very short period; usually anywhere from a day to a week. These visitors may come to participate in a conference or give a lecture and possibly receive an honorarium. 

Information for Visiting Research Fellows:  This includes information on appointment and J-1/J-2 requirements 

Information for J-1 Researchers and Professors:  This includes information on appointment and J-1/J-2 requirements.


Contact  [email protected] or [email protected]  for more information.