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13 Things (ARCH 300)

25 Things! 250 Years of Brown’s Material Past (ARCH 1764)


The Agora: History at the Heart of Athens (ARCH 0425)

Alcohol in the Ancient World (ARCH 1787)

Alexander the Great and the Alexander Tradition (CLAS 0810A) 

All Italia: City and Country in Ancient Italy (ARCH 2620)

Ancient Egypt in the Global World

Ancient Egyptian Art and Architecture (EGYT 1500)

Ancient Egyptian Art II (EGYT 1510)

Animal Acts (ERLY 1150)

Animals in Archaeology (ARCH 1775)

Animals in the Ancient City (ERLY 1155)

Approaches to Archaeological Survey in the Old World (ARCH 2010B)

Approaching Women and Gender in Roman Culture (ARCH 2601)

Arabia and the Arabs: The Making of an Ethnos (ARCH 1120 s13)  

Archaeo-Geophysical Data Visualization (ARCH 1880)

Archeological Ethnographies: Heritage and Community in the Mediterranean (ANTH 1126)

Archaeological Ethnography: A Multi-Temporal Contact Zone (ARCH 2153)

Archaeologies of the Ancient Middle East (ARCH 0440)

Archaeologies of the Greek Past (ARCH 0420)

Archaeologies of the Near East  (ARCH 1600)

Archaeologies Out of the Mainstream: From Ancient Aliens to Modern Nationalism (ARCH 1666)

Archaeologies of Place (ARCH 2410)

Archaeology in the Age of Augustus (ARCH 1100)

Archaeology of Ancient Egypt (EGYT 1200)

Archaeology of the Andes (ARCH 0335)

The Archaeology of the Assyrian Empire: Cities, Landscapes and Material Culture (ARCH 2340)

Archaeology of the Caucasus (ARCH 2350)

The Archaeology of Central Asia: Alexander in Afghanistan, and Buddhas in Bactria (ARCH 1490)

The Archaeology of College Hill (ARCH 1900)

Archaeology and Craft: Experimental Archaeology and the Materials Science of Ancient Technologies (ARCH 1855)

The Archaeology of Democracy (ARCH 2160)

Archaeology of Eating and Drinking (ARCH 0770) (See also "Food and Drink in Classical Antiquity)

Archaeology of Empires (CLAS 2010M)

Archaeology of Greek and Punic Colonization (ARCH 2170)

Archaeology in the Information Age (ARCH 2010)

Archaeology and Social Justice: (ARCH 1178)

Archaeology Matters! Past Perspectives on Modern Problems (ARCH 1175)

The Archaeology of Mesopotamia (ARCH 0370)

The Archaeology of Nubia and Egypt (ARCH 2710)

Archaeology and Religion: Excavating the Sacred from Prehistory to Islam (ARCH 2010D)

The Archaeology of Slavery (ARCH 1792)

The Archaeology of Us: A Material Approach to the Contemporary World (ARCH 1805)

Archaeology Under the Volcano (ARCH 330)

Archaeology's Dirty Little Secrets (ARCH 1010)

Architectural Sculpture of Ancient Greece and Rome (ARCH 1700)

Architecture and Memory (ARCH 1710)

Architecture, Body, and Performance in the Ancient Near Eastern World (ARCH 2010C)

Art and Archaeology of Civic Identity (ARCH 2500)

Art in Antiquity (ARCH 0300)

Art/Artifact: The Art and Material Culture of Africa (ARCH 1615)

Art & Visual Culture in the Ancient Near East (AWAS 2750)

Artifacts in Archaeology: Understanding Material Culture & Ancient Technologies (ARCH 0295)


Bad Things: Archaeologies of New World Vices (ARCH 0340)

Barbarians and Bandits: Exploring Subaltern Resilience and State Power (ANTH 1145)

Before the Islamic State: The Archaeologies of Ancient Mesopotamia (ARCH 0370)

The Beginning of the End?  Neolithic "Revolutions" and the Shaping of the Modern World (ARCH 1670)

  • Spring 2019

Between Sahara and Sea: North Africa from Human Origins to Islam (ARCH 1616)

Beyond Decline and Fall: New Perspectives on the Late Antique Mediterranean (ARCH 2225)

Biomolecular Approaches in Archaeology (ARCH 2141)

Broken Pots to GDP: Economies of the Roman World (ARCH 2625)

Building Big! Supersized Architectural and Engineering Structures From Antiquity (ARCH 1715)

Building an Empire: The Sacred and Civic Architecture of Ancient Rome (ARCH 1125)

Buried History, Hidden Wonders: Discovering East Asian Archaeology (ARCH 0160)

Byzantine Archaeology and Art - Material Stories of a Christian Empire (ARCH 1220)

Byzantium-Constantinople-Istanbul: A City in Deep Time (ARCH 0365)


Ceramic Analysis for Archaeology (ARCH 1840)

Ceramic Analysis for Archaeology (ARCH 2105)

Of Chiefs, Princesses and Warriors: Exploring Different Iron Ages (ARCH 1840)

Cities, Colonies and Global Networks in the Western Mediterranean (ARCH 1155)

Cities in the Sand: The Archaeology of Urbanism in Mesopotamia (ARCH 2310)

Cities by the Sea: An Economic, Structural, and Social Examination of Mediterranean Ports (ARCH 1153)

Cities and Urban Space in the Ancient World (ARCH 1150)

City and the Festival: Cult Practices and Architectural Production in the Ancient Near East (ARCH 1200 s10)  

Classical Art in the RISD Museum (ARCH 1500)

Classical Art from Ruins to RISD: Ancient Objects/Modern Issues (ARCH 1500)

Coastal Values: Archaeology and Paleoecology of Coastal and Island Environments (ARCH 2255)

Cold Hard Cash: The Materiality of Money in Ancient and Modern Finance (ARCH 1570)

Community Archaeology in Providence and Beyond (ARCH 1170)

Comparative Empires and Material Culture (ARCH 2450)

Conquest to Conversion: The Formation of the Islamic World (ARCH 1620)

Contemporary Issues in Archaeological Theory (ARCH 1800)

Crafts and Production in the Ancient World: Making Material Culture (ARCH 0295)

Cult Archaeology: Fantastic Frauds and Meaningful Myths of the Past (ARCH 0666)

Cultural Heritage: The Players and Politics of Protecting the Past (ARCH 1540)


Dead White Guys: Greco-Roman Civilization and American Identity (ARCH 0325) 

The Death of the Ancient City? Roman Cities After the Fall of Rome (ARCH 1140)

Decolonizing Classical Antiquity (MGRK 1220)

Discovering the Past: Introduction to Prehistory and Archaeology

Divided Places: From Conflict to Understanding, Memory, and Reconciliation (ARCH 1538)

  • Spring 2019

East Meets West: Archaeology of Anatolia (ARCH 0360)

Economy & Trade in the Later Bronze Age Aegean and East Mediterranean (ARCH 2020E)

Egypt After the Pharaohs: Archaeology and Society in the Coptic and Early Islamic Periods (EGYT 1470)

Egyptian Archaeology II  

Egyptian Art in New England Museums (ARCH 2744)

Egyptomania: Mystery of the Sphinx and Other Secrets of Ancient Egypt (ARCH 0152)

Encountering the Foreign: The Archaeology of Diplomacy (ARCH 1520)

Engineering Material Culture: An Introduction to Archaeological Sciences (ARCH 1860)

Environmental Archaeology (ARCH 1870)

Ethical Issues in Archaeology (ARCH 2010G)

Ethnic Identity in Graeco-Roman Egypt (EGYT 1550)

Ethnographies of Heritage (ANTH1126)

The Etruscans: Italy Before the Rise of the Romans (ARCH 1650)

Exploring Different Iron Ages: Of Chiefs, Princesses and Warriors (ARCH 1680)


Fake! History of the Inauthentic (ARCH 0220)

Fake! History of the Inauthentic (ARCH 1830)

Farm to Table: Foodways and Gastro-Politics in the Ancient Near East (ARCH 0775)

Field Archaeology in the Ancient World (ARCH 0100)

Fighting Pharaohs: Ancient Egyptian Warfare

Food and Drink in Classical Antiquity (ARCH 0770)


Genealogies of Complexity in East Asia (ARCH 2040D)

From Gilgamesh to Hektor: Heroes of the Bronze Age (ARCH 0412)

GIS and Remote Sensing (ARCH 2010F)

  • Spring 2009

Glass from the Past: Glimpses into the History, Technology, and Artistry of Molten Material Culture (ARCH 0305)

Global Romans and Indigenous Persistence (ARCH 2630)

Grave Matters: The Archaeology of Death, Decay, and Discovery (ARCH 1770)

The Great Heresy: Egypt in the Amarna Age (ARCH 1635)

Great Migrations: Mobility, Displacement and Material Culture in the Ancient Mediterranean (ARCH 0725)


Hadrian’s Wall: Archaeological Skills, Methods, and History on the Northern Roman Frontier (ARCH 0407)

Handmade: An Archaeological Exploration of Materials and Making (ARCH 1854)

Hannibal ad Portas! Fact and Fiction on Carthage and the Punic World (ARCH 0530)

Heritage in the Metropolis: Remembering and Preserving the Urban Past (ARCH 0317)

Heritage In and Out of Context: Museum and Archaeological Heritage (ARCH 0315)

Hispania: the Making of a Roman Province (ARCH 2640)

History, Anthropology, and Archaeology: Disciplinary Dialogues (ARCH 2155)

History of Egypt I (EGYT 1430)

Holy Spirits: Ancestor Worship in the Ancient Near East and Beyond (ARCH 1605)

Household Archaeology in the Ancient Near East and Beyond (ARCH 2320)

How Houses Build People: An Archaeology of Architecture and Society (ARCH 1720)


Images, Ideology, and Egyptian Warfare (EGYT 2850)

Imperial Cities (ARCH 2040)

Interactions with the Dead: Past and Present (ARCH 0310)

International Cultural Heritage: Creating a Future for the Past (ARCH 2040)

Intimate Stories  (ARCH 250)

Introduction to the Ancient Near East (ARCH 0351/AWAS 0800)  

Introduction to Egyptian Archaeology and Art (ARCH 0150)

Introduction to GIS and Remote Sensing in Archaeology (ANTH 2500C)

Introduction to Hittite Language and Literature (AWAS 2900)

Introduction to Islamic Archaeology (ARCH 0600)

Inventing the Past: Amulets, Heirlooms, Monuments, Landscapes (ARCH 1835)

ISIS, NAGPRA, and the Academy (ANTH 1580)

Islamic Civilizations (ARCH 0650)  

Islamic Landscapes: Cities, Frontiers & Monuments (ARCH 1200)

Island Archaeology in the Mediterranean (ARCH 2250)


Key Issues in Mediterranean Prehistory (ARCH 2240)


Labor and Technology in the Roman World (ARCH 0535)

The Levant and Egypt: Cultural Cont (ARCH2535)

The Location of Theory in Archaeology (ARCH 1820)  

Lost and Found: Coinage and Culture in the Roman Empire (ARCH 1575)  

Lost Languages: The Decipherment and Study of Ancient Writing Systems (ANTH 1820 / ARCH 1890)  


The Making of Egypt (ARCH 2725)

The Marriage of Archaeological Science & Social Theory (ARCH 2140)

Material Culture and the Bodily Senses (ARCH 2184)

Material Culture: Material Nature (ARCH 0297)

Material Networks: Migration & Trade in the Ancient West Mediterranean (ARCH 2230)

Material Worlds: Art and Agency in the Near East and Africa  

Media in Archaeology, or Archaeology in Media? (ARCH 0320)

Mediterranean Bronze Age (ARCH 0410)

Memory and Materiality (ARCH 2180)

Metals and Engineering Design in the Ancient World (ARCH 1857)

Minoans and Mycenaeans: Greece in the Bronze Age (ARCH 1250)

The Monuments Men (ARCH 1546)


The Nature and Culture of Disaster (ARCH 1790)


Occupy Archaeology! Interrogating Inequality, Past and Present (ARCH 1177) 

Of Dice and Men: Games in Human Societies Past and Present (ARCH0785)

Old World and New World Perspectives in Archaeology (ARCH 1050)

One Sea for All: Economic, Social and Artistic Interaction in the Medieval Mediterranean (ARCH 2235)

Other Pasts: Alternative Ontologies in the Study of What Was (ARCH 2156)

  • Spring 2019

The Other Side of Rome: Daily Life in the Roman Empire (ARCH 0525)


Palaces: Built to Impress (ARCH0760)

People Without History: Archaeology of Atlantic Africa and the Diaspora (ARCH 0155)

Petra: Ancient Wonder, Modern Challenge (ARCH 1475)

Pilgrimage and Travel in the Ancient World (ARCH 0720)

Pirates of the Caribbean: Scalawags, Sailors, and Slaves (ARCH 0676)

Places of Healing: Memory, Miracle, and Storytelling (HMAN 1970D s02)

Under Pompeii’s Ashes: Contesting Roman Identities (ARCH 1120) 

Postcolonial Matters: Material Culture between Colonialism and Globalization (ANTH 0066T)

Prehistoric Egypt (EGYT 1470)

The Prehistory of Humans: A Social & Cultural Evolution

The Priest-Kings and Village Life of Ancient Pakistan and India (ARCH 1492)

Principles of Archaeology (ANTH 2501)

The Private Life of the Privy: A Secret History of Toilets (ARCH 0763)

Public Culture & Heritage in Postapartheid South Africa (ARCH 2040F)  


Qumran and the Dead Sea Scrolls (ARCH 2550)

  • Spring 2007

Representing the Past: Archaeology through Image & Text (HIAA 2140)  

Revolutions and Evolution in Archaeology (ARCH 0740)

The Rise (and Demise) of the State in the Near East (ARCH 2300)

Roman Archaeology and Art (ARCH 0520)

Roman Art and Architecture: Julius Caesar to Hadrian (HIAA 0340A)

Roman Asia Minor: The Empire Goes East (ARCH 2330) 

In Ruins: Traces of the Past in the Present (ARCH 2425)

Rural Landscapes and Peasant Communities in the Mediterranean (ARCH 2245)


Sacred Space: Archaeological and Religious Studies Perspectives (ARCH 2400)

 The “Second Sophistic”: Archaeological and Literary Approaches (ARCH 2165)

The Secrets of Ancient Bones: Discovering Ancient DNA (ARCH 0730)

Sensing Antiquity: New Approaches to Ancient Aesthetics and Sensoria (ARCH 2185)

  • Spring 2014

The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World (CLAS 1120Q)

Skills Training in Material Culture Studies I (ARCH 2851)

Skills Training in Material Culture Studies II (ARCH 2852)

Slow Archaeology: Thinking Things through in Archaeological Theory and Philosophy (ARCH 2151)

  • Spring 2019

Social Life in Ancient Egypt  (EGYT 2510 / ARCH 2740) 

Southeast Asia’s Entangled Pasts (ARCH 1494)

Sport in the Ancient Greek World (CLAS 0210O)

State Formation in the Prehistoric Aegean (ARCH 2295)

State of Siege! Walls and Fortifications in the Greek and Roman World (ARCH 0405)

Struggle and Domination in the Prehistoric Mediterranean: Sex, Power, God(s) (ARCH 1525)

Subaltern Communities: Archaeological Perspectives Beyond Domination and Resistance (ARCH 2157)

Synagogues, Churches, & Mosques (ARCH 1144)  


Technology and Production in Archaeology: Anthropological Foundations & Contemporary Theory (ARCH 2145)

Temples and Tombs: Egyptian Religion and Culture (ARCH 1625)

Things! The Material Worlds of Humanity (ARCH 2100)

tiny: Miniature Might and Meaning (ARCH 0303)

Troy Rocks! Archaeology of an Epic (ARCH 0270)


Under the Microscope: 250 Years of Brown's Material Past (ARCH 1764)

Under the Tower of Babel: Archaeology, Politics, and Identity in the Modern Middle East (ARCH 1810)

Underwater in the Mediterranean: An Introduction to Maritime Archaeology (ARCH 0678)

Urbanism in the Archaeological Record (ARCH 1150)  


Violence and Civilization: A Deep History of Social Violence (ARCH 1780)


    In the Wake of Empire: Anatolia after the Hittites, before Alexander (ARCH 2335)

    Water, Culture, & Power (ARCH 0680)

    Who Owns the Classical Past? (ARCH 1550)

    Who Owns the Classical Past? (CLAS 0210L)

    Women in the Ancient Mediterranean World (ARCH 0750)

    A World in Color: Seeing and Feeling Colors in the Ancient World (ARCH 1879)

    The World of Museums: Logistics, Laws and Loans (ARCH 1160)