The Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology is very pleased to introduce our Research Apprenticeship Program in Archaeology.  For the first time, we are calling for applications from Archaeology concentrators that propose collaborative research projects with Institute faculty (including visiting faculty, faculty fellows, and postdoctoral fellows). Through the apprenticeship program, individual students work directly with a Joukowsky Institute faculty member on faculty research.

Students supported in research apprenticeships by JIAAW will be provided a $500 stipend for each semester of work. Apprenticeships can be for a semester or a full academic year. It is expected that students will not devote more than approximately 5 hours per week, averaged over the semester, to this apprenticeship.  Applications must be submitted jointly by both the student and the JIAAW faculty member with whom the student plans to work.

Additional details on the program, including the application process, can be found on this website, under Undergraduate Research Opportunities.  The deadline for Fall 2017 applications is Friday, September 29th.  Note that the first step in the application process is to talk with a faculty member about potential apprenticeships, and that all applications must be signed by the faculty member with whom the student intends to work.

We hope to offer this program each semester, starting with this Fall.