Caesar Augustus statue, photo by Victoria Yin


The September 28th issue of the Brown Daily Herald features an article on the recent town hall discussion organized by Decolonization at Brown (DAB), the Public Art Committee, and the Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology and the Ancient World. The conversation, Brown University Statues and Monuments Town Hall, was hosted online on September 24th at 5:30pm, and was open to the public. The article's author, Irene Chou, Senior Staff Writer for the BDH, reported that no decision was reached as to whether the Caesar Augustus statue should be restored or relocated, but that, "Many students agreed that there should be more representation of Indigenous and African American artists in Brown’s public art, and emphasized the importance of financial assistance for local marginalized artists."

Chou concludes by quoting remarks by Dietrich Neumann, chair of the Committee on Public Art and professor of History of Art and Architecture:  “It’s very clear to me that there will be more art on campus from African American and Indigenous artists in the near future.”

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