From its inception and in its early years, the Joukowsky Institute has prioritized its many field projects around the world. The Institute’s predecessor, the Center for Old World Archaeology and Art, also boasted an active fieldwork history, with work at several sites in Italy (such as La Muculufa, Satrianum and Ustica) and on Corfu.  Important projects have also been run out of Brown University’s Departments of Anthropology, Egyptology and Assyriology, and History of Art and Architecture.

Recent projects include:

Apollonia-Arsuf, Israel
Adjunct Assistant Professor Katharina Galor, co-director, a joint project with the Institute of Archaeology of Tel Aviv University.


BUPAP 2010

Brown University Petra Archaeological Project, Jordan
Susan E. Alcock, director


Greene Farm Archaeology Project, Warwick, RI
Krysta Ryzewski and Caroline Frank, co-directors


The Landscape Succession Project, Guatemala
Stephen D. Houston, Thomas G. Garrison, and Timothy Beach, directors



Pantelleria Excavation Project, off the South coast of Sicily
Carrie Murray, Dottore Sebastiano Tusa (Soprintendente, Beni Culturali ed Ambientali di Trapani), Leonardo Abelli (ARES Ricerche e Servici per l'Archeologia), co-directors



Petra, The Great Temple, Jordan
Professor Emeritus Martha Joukowsky, director, under the auspices of the Jordanian Department of Antiquities


Piedras Negras Project, Guatemala
Stephen D. Houston, director


Sierra del Lacandon Regional Archaeology Project, Guatemala
Andrew Scherer, Charles Golden, and Ana Lucia Arroyave, co-directors


Tongobriga, Portugal
Professor Emeritus Rolf Winkes, Director of the Brown excavation, in collaboration with the Instituto de Gestão do Património Arquitectónico e Arqueológico (IGESPAR), an agency of the Portuguese Ministry of Culture


Vorotan Project, Southern Armenia
Professor John F. Cherry, director with Armen Tonikyan and Mrktich Zardaryan, Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography, Yerevan


Yalburt Yaylasi Archaeological Landscape Research Project, Turkey
Őműr Harmanşah, director