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Lectures and Workshops Fall 2017- present

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Lectures and Workshops Fall 2013- Spring 2017

Lectures filmed from January 2013 through the present can be seen on our YouTube playlist.


Lectures and Workshops 2012/13

Uploaded ImageRobert W. Chapman (University of Reading)
'Mediterranean Prehistory from the Periphery' November 28, 2012


Uploaded Image A. Bernard Knapp (University of Glasgow)
'Materiality, Identity and Connectivity in the Prehistoric Mediterranean' November 19, 2012

Uploaded Image Corinna Riva (UCL Institute of Archaeology)
'The Origins of Urban Etruria between Rome and Colonization' November 7, 2012

Uploaded Image Tesse D. Stek (Leiden University)
'State Organization and Cult Places in Latin Colonies' October 11, 2012

Uploaded Image Curtis Runnels and Chad DiGregorio † (Boston University)
'An Acheulean Assemblage from Crete and Its Implications for the Palaeolithic of the Aegean Islands' October 3, 2012

Lectures and Workshops 2011/12

Uploaded Image Benjamin Porter (University of California, Berkeley)
'Assembling Resilience on the Fertile Crescent's Margins' March 5, 2012

Uploaded Image Emily Hammer (Harvard University)
'Pastoral Nomadism and Modification of 'Peripheral' Landscapes in the Middle East' February 29, 2012

Uploaded Image Matthew P. Canepa (University of Minnesota)
'The Transformation of Persia and the Ancient Iranian World: Archaeologies of Rupture and Renovation' February 22, 2012

Uploaded Image Felipe Rojas (Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology)
'Gergas, Nannas, Semiramis: Picturing the Past in Roman Asia Minor ' February 16, 2012

Uploaded Image Robert Ousterhout (University of Pennsylvania)
'The Life and Afterlife of Constantine's Column' November 10, 2011

Uploaded Image Peter van Dommelen (University of Glasgow)
'Rural Connections: Migration, Technology and Agrarian Production in the Classical Mediterranean' November 8, 2011

Uploaded Image Nathan Arrington (Princeton University)
'Heroes, Generals, and the War Dead in Fifth-Century Athens' September 29, 2011

Lectures and Workshops 2010/11

Uploaded Image John Robb (Cambridge)
'Italian Archaeology 2011: Where Is It and Where Is It Going?' March 18, 2011

Uploaded Image Sturt Manning (Cornell University)
'Archaeology, Science and the East Mediterranean,' March 10, 2011

Uploaded Image Lisa Fentress (Director, the Villa Magna Project)
'Treading the Grapes at Villa Magna,' February 14, 2011

Uploaded Image Tim Taylor (Time Team)
'3-Day Digs and 200 Adventures in Archaeology,' February 8, 2011

Uploaded Image Cyprian Broodbank (University College London)
'The Mediterranean in Microcosm: Island Dynamics and 'Minoanisation' on the Aegean Island of Kythera,' January 28, 2011

Uploaded Image Moawiyah M. Ibrahim (Representative of Jordan to the UNESCO World Heritage Committee President)
'The Archaeology of the Jordan Valley,' November 16, 2010

Uploaded Image Cyprian Broodbank (University College London)
'Before Corruption? The Making of the Mediterranean,' November 4, 2010

Uploaded Image Scott M. Fitzpatrick (North Carolina State University and Journal of Island & Coastal Archaeology)
'Pre-Columbian Archaeology on Carriacou: The Island of Many Reefs,' October 29, 2010

Uploaded Image Walter Scheidel (Stanford University and Columbia University)
'Does Ancient History Matter? The Rise and Demise of Universal Empire in Rome, Europe and China,' October 26, 2010

Uploaded Image Steven Ellis (University of Cincinnati)
'Pompeii from the Bottom Up: Excavations into the History of Pompeii's Working-Class Families,' October 7, 2010

Lectures and Workshops 2009/2010

Uploaded Image
Derek Counts (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee) and Anthony Tuck (University of Massachusetts Amherst)
'Lost in Translation? The Local Context of the Master of Animals in Cyprus and Etruria,' December 3, 2009

Uploaded Image Ioanna Kakoulli (University of California, Los Angeles)
'Materiality Matters: Research at the Interface between Archaeology and Science,' November 30, 2009

Uploaded Image Kim Bowes (Cornell University)
'House and Society: Rethinking the Later Roman Empire,' November 9, 2009

Lectures and Workshops 2008/2009

Uploaded Image Hamish Forbes (University of Nottingham)
'So What About the Parthenon? Identity, Monumentality, Ethnicity and Nationality in a Greek Rural Community,' April 7, 2009

Uploaded Image Joy McCorriston (Ohio State University)
'Pilgrimage and Household in the Ancient Near East,' March 30, 2009

Uploaded Image Joan Breton Connelly (New York University)
'Ritual Movement Through Sacred Space: Procession, Dance, and Footrace within Greek Landscapes,' March 19, 2009

Uploaded Image Michael Shanks (Stanford University)
'From Walter Scott’s Marmion to William Gell’s Morea: Some Lessons in Topography and Topology for Contemporary Reconstructions of Antiquity,' March 17, 2009

Uploaded Image Michael Galaty (Millsaps College)
'Comparative Frontiers: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Border Zone Archaeology,' March 10, 2009

Uploaded Image Adam Smith (University of Chicago)
'The Political Machine: Sense, Sensibility, & Sentiment in the Late Bronze Age South Caucasus,' March 5, 2009

Uploaded Image Pamela Vandiver (University of Arizona)
'An Academic Alloy: Archaeology + Science in the 21st Century,' January 23, 2009

Lectures and Workshops 2007/2008

Uploaded Image Tim Ingold (University of Aberdeen)
'Bringing Things Back to Life: Creative Entanglements in a World of Materials,' April 18, 2008

Uploaded ImageDouglass W. Bailey (Cardiff University)
'Prehistoric Figurines: Barbie Dolls, Walt Disney and Sex Abuse,' April 16, 2008

Uploaded ImageDrawing on rocks, gathering by the water: archaeological fieldwork at rock reliefs, sacred springs and other places
Presentations and discussion responses from a JIAAW workshop/conference, March 1-2, 2008

Uploaded Image Joanne Rowland (Oriental Institute, University of Oxford)
'Making Mounds out of Sherd Heaps: Piecing together the Evidence for Ancient Settlement in the Central Nile Delta,' February 25, 2008

Uploaded Image Laurel Bestock (Institute of Fine Arts, New York University)
'Discoveries at Abydos: New Perspectives on Early Kingship and Cult,' February 21, 2008

Uploaded Image Deborah Vischak (Columbia University)
'Shaping Space into Place and Idea: Community Identity at Qubbet el-HAwa,' February 12, 2008

Uploaded Image Steven Shennan (University College London)
'The Archaeology of Cultural Evolution,' October 26, 2007

Uploaded Image Stephen L. Dyson (University at Buffalo, The State University of New York)
'Archaeology and Ideology in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Rome,' October 18, 2007

Lectures and Workshops 2006/2007

Uploaded Image Marian Feldman (University of California, Berkeley)
'Art in Action: Luxury Arts and Interconnections in the Late Bronze and Early Iron Ages,' April 17, 2007

Uploaded Image Ann Gunter (Smithsonian Institution)
'Tribute, Gifts, and Kingship in the Assyrian Empire,' April 19, 2007

Uploaded Image Sarah Graff (University of Chicago)
'Impressions on the Economy: Economic Interaction in Western Syria During the Early Bronze Age,' April 10, 2007

Uploaded ImageÖmür Harmansah (The Joukowsky Instutute of Archaeology and the Ancient World, Brown University)
'Event Place Performance: The Making of the Urban Space in Early Iron Age Karkamish,' April 6, 2007

Uploaded Image David Macaulay (Author and Artist)
'Toying with History,' March 16, 2007

Uploaded Image Gil Stein (Oriental Institute, University of Chicago)
'Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? Social Identity, Mixed Marriages, and Foodways in an Ancient Mesopotamian Colony,' Feb. 13, 2007

Uploaded Image Michael Shanks (Stanford University)
'Archaeology and the Posthuman,' Dec. 7, 2006

Uploaded ImageMichael Shanks (Stanford University)
'Landscape, Archaeology, Chorography: Encounters in the Scottish Borders,' Dec. 6, 2006