Drawing on Rocks, Gathering by the Water:

Archaeological Fieldwork at Rock Reliefs, Sacred Springs and Other Places


Presentations and discussion responses from a JIAAW workshop/conference, March 1-2, 2008:


Uploaded ImageLisa J. Lucero (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign)
Response: Thomas G. Garrison (Brown University)
'The Absence of the Profane: The Ancient Maya Sacred Landscape of Cara Blanca, Belize'

Uploaded ImageMatthew Canepa (College of Charleston)
Response: Ian Straughn (Brown University)
'Sculpting and Enacting a Topography of Power: The Ritual, Social, and Environmental Contexts of Sasanian Rock Reliefs'

Uploaded ImageChristopher Witmore (Brown University)
Response: Elliott Colla (Brown University)
'Multi-sited archaeology? Or, how to account for heterogeneous elements distributed in space and time: A case of boundary arbitration between two Greek poleis'

Uploaded ImageBen Marsh (Bucknell University)
Response: John F. Cherry (Brown University)
'Reconstructing Anatolian landscapes: understanding the effects of geomorphic degradation on archaeological sites'

Uploaded ImageLee Ullmann (Columbia University)
Response: Betsey Robinson (Harvard University)
'Merging the Natural and Constructed Landscape of the Hittites'

Uploaded ImageÖmür Harmansah (Brown University)
Response: Susan E. Alcock (Brown University)
'Event place performance: towards an archaeological field project on Hittite and Early Iron age rock reliefs, sacred springs and other meaningful places in Turkey'

Uploaded ImageRoundtable: New challenges to archaeological fieldwork at rock reliefs, sacred springs, and other meaningful places.