Architectural Studies Requirements

Nicola Ho, Spec(ulative) Housing, Spring 2016.
HIAA 0100. Intro to Arch Design Studio.
Prof. Laura Briggs

**Please be aware that requirements for this concentration are in transition. Below are the new requirements for juniors, and sophomores who are declaring concentrations.

  • Five lecture courses numbered between HIAA 0010 and HIAA 0999 relevant to the history of architecture and designated in CAB with an A, distributed among four different historical periods (ancient, medieval, early modern, modern and contemporary) and geographical areas (Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe).
  • Three advanced seminar courses, numbered between HIAA 1000 and HIAA 1999, relevant to the history of architecture and designated in CAB with an A.  One of these seminars must be the course offered each year as the concentration project seminar and should be taken during the junior or senior year.
  • Two electives comprised of department courses and courses related to the History of Art and Architecture approved by the Director of Undergraduate Studies.  A maximum of two courses taken at institutions other than Brown can be imported as electives for concentration credit.
  • The two electives required include one studio art course and can include courses in math, physics, engineering, and other related fields. 
  • The Capstone Project is required.  Normally it must be completed in the senior year.  In rare circumstances, juniors may petition to complete the capstone in their 6th semester. The Capstone Project should be based on an advanced seminar, an independent study, an undergraduate TAship or an UTRA taught by a faculty member in the Department of the History of Art and Architecture. 

Please refer to the University Bulletin for a full list of Department Requirements