Architecture Requirements

The concentration requires 12 classes (13 for honors): a mix of studio courses, history/theory classes, and two electives. Please refer to the University Bulletin for a full list of requirements

Note: Because of the intensity of the program, we suggest students declare their concentration in Architecture by the beginning of their second year.

Summary of Concentration Requirements  Credits
1 Introduction to Design Studio       1
2 Practice Courses       2
1 Double-Credit Design Studio       2
4 History of Art and Architecture lecture courses bearing the A designation       4
1 Pathway Elective in Sciences       1
1 Pathway Elective in Social Sciences / Humanities        1
1 Capstone Course            1
Total Credits      12


Studio Courses 

Course Sequence

The Introductory Studio is prerequisite for everything else. It would normally be followed by the Projections or Analysis class, the Intermediate Studio and an Advanced studio. Depending on each student’s trajectory, sequences can vary and should be discussed with the advisor.


In fall 2022, HIAA opened the doors to its new architecture studio at 271 Thayer Street. The new studio is 3000 square feet and is equipped with a 42-desk studio space, a small seminar room and a fabrication lab. Architecture concentrators and students in classes have 24/7 access to the studio during the academic year.