Honors and Capstone Projects

langmuir.pngStudents concentrating in History of Art and Architecture and Architectural Studies will be invited the second semester of their junior year to apply for admission to the honors program.

Admissions to the Honors Program

  • Maintain a GPA in the concentration close to A.
  • Choose a thesis topic in consultation with an HIAA faculty member who will be the thesis advisor.  Ask the advisor to write a letter of support to submit along with your proposal.
  • Submit a two-page double-space proposal for the thesis along with a one page bibliography of key sources.

Writing the Honors Thesis

  • Set up a schedule of regular meetings with your advisor
  • Register in both semesters of the senior year for HIAA 1990, the Honors Seminar.  Each semester carries one credit. The Honors Seminar meets once a month.
  • The Director of Undergraduate Studies, Jeffrey Moser, supervises the Honors Seminar and will establish a schedule for researching and writing the honors theses.