Cross-Listed Courses

A” indicates course will fill Architectural Studies concentration requirement. Last updated 1/10/13.

AFRI 1180 Visual Cultures of the Afro-Americas
AMCV 1250B Gravestones and Burying Grounds 
AMCV 1520  Technology and Material Culture in American: The Urban Built Environment A
ARCH 0030 Art in Antiquity: An Introduction
ARCH 0150 Introduction to Egyptian Archaeolgy and Art A
ARCH 0250 Intimate Stories
ARCH 0382

Pre-Islamic Empires of Iran   A

ARCH 0420 Archaeologies of the Greek Past A
ARCH 0520  Roman Archaeology and Art A
ARCH 1160  The World of Museums: Logistics, Laws, and Loans A
ARCH 1200B  Pompeii A
ARCH 1200C  Roman Iberia A
ARCH 1200F  City and the Festival: Cult Practices and Architectural Production in the Ancient Near East A
ARCH 1200H  Islamic Landscapes: Cities, Frontiers, and Monuments A
ARCH 1500  Classical Art in the RISD Museum
ARCH 1500  Urbanism in the Archaeological Record A
ARCH 1600  Archaeologies of the Near East A
ARCH 1705

The Palaces of Ancient Rome  A

ARCH 1710  Architecture and Memory A
ARCH 1900  The Archaeology of College Hill A
ARCH 2010C  Architecture, Body, and Performance in the Ancient Near Eastern World A
ARCH0150  Introduction to Egyptian Archaeology and Art A
ARCH 2235 One Sea for All: Economic, Social and Artistic Interaction in Medieval Mediterranean
CLAS 0660 The World of Byzantium
EAST 1220A  Exploring the Early Silk Road
ENGL 1510S  Pre-Raphaelites, Aesthetes, and Decadents
GRMN 1890 S01 Two Artwork Essays:   Martin Heidegger and Walter Benjamin
HIST 1973P

City as Modernity: Popular Culture, Mass Consumption/ Urban Entertainment in 19th C Paris 

JUDS1440 Ancient Synagogues, Churches and Mosques in Palestine
MCM 1700R  The Art of Curating
MCM 0901G Digital Culture and Art after 1989
RUSS 1000  Russian Modernism and the Arts
SLAV 1970H Gender and Identity in Modern and Contemporary East Central European Visual Arts
TAPS1345S01 Performing the Everyday, Choreographing the Museum Dance and the Visual Arts after 1960
URBN 0210  The City A
URBN 1010  Fieldwork in Urban Archaeology and Historical Preservation A
URBN 1010  Urban Architecture and Historic Preservation A
URBN 1200  The US Metropolis, 1945-2000 A
URBN 1420  Urbanization in China A
URBN 1870E  Green Cities A
URBN 1870F  Housing and Homelessness A
URBN 1870M  Urban Regimes in the American Public A
URBN 1870N  Cultural and Social Life of the Built Environment A