The Anita Glass Memorial Lecture

The 2024 Anita Glass Memorial Lecture

Byron Hamann (Ohio State University) - Monday, April 15th, 2024

Byron Hamann, Assistant Professor of the History of Art at Ohio State University, will give the 2024 Anita Glass Memorial Lecture. His areas of study include Prehispanic Mesoamerica, Colonial Latin America, and Early Modern Iberia. His most recent book, Bad Christians, New Spains: Muslims, Catholics, and Native Americans in a Mediterratlantic World, "centers on two inquisitorial investigations, both of which began in the 1540s. One involved relations of Europeans and Native Americans in the Oaxacan town of Yanhuitl (in New Spain, today's Mexico). The other involved relations of Moriscos (recent Muslim converts to Catholicism) and Old Christians (people with deep Catholic ancestries) in the Mediterranean kingdom of Valencia (in the "old" Spain). Although separated by an ocean, the social worlds preserved in these inquisitorial files share many things. By bringing the two inquisitions together, Hamann reveals how very local practices and debates had long-distance parallels, parallels that reveal larger entanglements of the early modern world" (Routledge).

More details to come.