Finding External Fellowships and Grants

We encourage all students to apply for outside aid. External awards provide you with extended research opportunities and professional contacts. They also comprise public recognition of the quality of your scholarly work, which is important to your career beyond Brown. There are numerous grants and fellowships available to individuals on the basis of field of specialization, project content, personal demographics, and various other criteria. The Department does its utmost to aid students in their application process. However, you must take the initiative in researching and seeking aid. A list of grants and fellowships to which our grad students have commonly made successful application is provided below. In most cases, information is available online; in a few cases you will receive information via email from Chantée Watts, or from announcements posted in the grad lounge. This is only a partial list. You will find other awards relevant to your work by using the many search tools listed on the “Resources” section of the Department’s website.

Many major grants are competitive within a department, which means that we can only nominate one candidate. You will be asked to provide a short proposal requesting nomination if you wish to apply for one of these grants. Nominations are decided upon by the faculty in October; you will receive an email from Diana Adamczyk alerting you to the deadline for submission of proposals. The deadline is usually on or around October 15th.

Other grants are open competitions and you can apply on your own. In each case, the Department and especially your advisor will give you as much assistance as possible in formulating your application. Be sure to ask for recommendation letters well in advance of deadlines, and supply your letter writers with all the information necessary for them to compose and submit a timely and positive letter of reference. Note, also, that although many grant deadlines are in late fall or even winter, the summer is an ideal time to start the process of identifying and preparing to apply for grants.