Practical Tips for Arriving Students

Mailing Address

The Department mailing address is: Department of History of Art and Architecture, Box 1855, Brown University, Providence, RI 02912. Though not necessary for most correspondence, the physical street address of the List Art Center is62- 64 College Street. All mail sent to the Department goes first to the general graduate mailbox in the main office. It is delivered to graduate students’ mailboxes in the grad student lounge each afternoon.


Graduate School funding checks are distributed twice monthly to Diana Adamczyk. You must pick your check up from Diana at the main office; they will not be delivered to your grad lounge mailbox. Alternatively, you may arrange for direct deposit at the Payroll Office in the Brown Office Building (BOB), located at 164 Angell Street. Paychecks for other campus jobs (such as working in the Art Slide Library), are also sent to the main office, but they are issued on a different pay schedule. Consult the payroll director at your other place of employment for details.

Email Account

Once you receive your Brown ID, you will automatically be entered into the Electronic Address Book (which is what you access when you search for a person’s contact information via Brown’s website). You can then self-register for an email account at any of the computing clusters, and establish a password. Your email address is normally composed of your name ( The University does not maintain an off campus ISP, therefore to access the internet from home, you will need to subscribe to an internet service provider. Local options include Cox (digital cable) and Verizon (DSL). You must then download Brown’s VPN (Virtual Private Network) software in order to access Brown-restricted online services. Instructions and assistance are readily available from CIS (Brown’s IT department).

Telephone Directory

Campus telephone directories are published yearly in the fall. The Department distributes them to offices with telephones and they are available upon request in the office. The Center for Information Technology (CIT) provides directories throughout the year at 115 Waterman Street.


Diana Adamczyk will issue the 219 key to the graduate lounge, and the “MB” key (which opens the ASL, and List classrooms) to all graduate students.  A key to room 404,  the TA office,  will be issued with a TA assignment.

Brown ID Card

Your Brown ID card can be obtained (and replaced) at the Brown Card Office in Emery Dorm at any time (including during the summer, if you need to obtain library access before the semester begins). Your ID card gives you access to campus libraries and academic buildings; it is also your library card, your Banner registration ID card, and your declining balance print and copy card. Your card can be enabled to grant you after hours access to List. Contact Diana Adamczyk in the HAA office if you would like your card to be enabled. 

With a Brown ID, ride RIPTA Buses or Trolleys for Free 

Effective September 1, 2007 current faculty, staff, and students are able to ride any RIPTA bus or trolley anytime, anywhere in the state at no charge. The UPASS program DOES NOT include the Providence-Newport Ferry.

PAWprints Card

Each student is entitled to one PAWprints card per academic year. The card contains a significant cash credit that can be used in library printers (though not copy machines). You must pick up your card at the CIT. You need your Brown ID in order to get a PAWprints card.

Brown Bookstore

The Brown Bookstore is located on Thayer Street, across Angell Street from Paragon Restaurant (a campus standby). Textbooks and regalia are located on the second floor; the campus computer store in located in the basement.


Parking on streets near List is metered during weekday business hours. Free on-street parking on campus is possible, but one must usually look several blocks from List in order to find it. There are several parking lots maintained by Brown, which you must purchase a pass to use. Alternatively, Brown offers free transportation to all Brown ID holders on any bus or trolley operated by RIPTA, Rhode Island’s public bus system, via the UPASS program. Zipcar operates a short-term car rental cooperative in Providence with three vehicles located on the Brown campus. There is also a campus shuttle service. Many graduate students choose to live within walking or biking distance, though this is by no means a necessity. Consult the Transportation Office for further information 401-863-3157.


Housing is a matter of personal preference, however you should be aware that there are several resources you may find helpful in making your living arrangements. The Brown graduate community listserv, GSBB-L, is often used to exchange information about available or desired housing. (Subscription works on the same model as described above.) The Graduate School itself offers limited on-campus housing for grad students (See Graduate School website). You may also wish to consult with the University Auxiliary Housing office, which maintains a housing bulletin board on campus as well as online. The Brown Book (a guide to life in Providence available online from the Graduate Student Council’s website) may help you evaluate your options in terms of price range, location, and other considerations. may also be a helpful resource.


There are a number of restaurants within easy walking distance of List on Benefit Street and Thayer Street. Campus Dining offers lunches in several locations, including the Blue Room Café in the student center (Faunce House) on the main green, as well as in the basement of the main refectory (affectionately called the “Ratty” on George Street, across from St. Stevens Church). The Rock and the Sciences Library have snack cafés in their lobbies. In addition, you can use the facilities at the Rhode Island School of Design cafeteria, which are literally across Waterman Street from the List Art Building. They offer lunch from 11-2 and dinner from 6-8 at reasonable prices and with an extensive selection. The Brown Book contains many local restaurant reviews and suggestions, as well as a wealth of other information about living in the Providence area.