Recently Completed Dissertations

Emily Handlin: "
Moving Beyond Vision:  Eadweard Muybridge in Philadelphia"

Joseph Silva:  " thuscorum et Ligurum Securitati:  Cosimo I de'Medici and the Visual Program for the Order of Saint Stephen in Pisa and Florence"


Mazie Harris "Inventors and Manipulators:  Photography as Intellectual Property in Nineteenth-Century New York

Kristen Oehlrich " Becoming Walker Evans:  Photography, Literature, and Transnational Modernism, 1926-1938"

Lisa Tom "Negotiating Military Identity in Early Modern State Portraiture"

Nathaniel Robert Walker "Architecture and Urban Visions in Nineteenth-Century Utopian Literature"


Alice Klima "A Bohemian Monastery: The Last Bishop of Prague (1301-1343) and the Monastery of Augustinian Canons at Roudnice (Raudnitz) on the Elbe"


Elisa Foster  "Imaging and Imagining the Black Madonna of Le Puy:  Ritual, Sacred Images and Race in Late Medieval and Early Modern France

Erin Eckhold Sassin “Examining the German Ledigenheim:  Development of a Housing Type, Position in the Urban Fabric and Impact on Central European Housing Reform”

Nathaniel Stein "Authorities of Presence: Robert Gill, the Photographic Survey of India, and the Colonial Sublime"


Amanda Lahikainen "Unchecked Ideas: Humor and the French Revolution in British Political Graphic Satire, 1789-1805"


Caitlin Bass "Home Behind the Wall: The Living Spaces of Late Medieval German Convents"

Divya Heffley "Vision in Motion: Architectural Space Time Notation and the Dynamic Perception of Space"

Melissa Katz “Interior Motives:  the Vierge ouvrante/Triptych Virgin in Medieval and Early Modern Iberia”

Anne Mitzen “Gender, Modernism, and Regional Identity: “ The Promotion and Reception ofKünstlerinnen in Düsseldorf  and the Rhineland, 1890-1920” 

Sarah Joan Moran    “Unconventual Women:  Politics, Religion, and Image in the Court Beguinages, c. 1585-c.1713”

Mario Pereira    “African Art at the Portuguese Court, c. 1450-1521”

Kathy Quick “The Narrative Document:  Lewis Hine and ‘Social Photography’”

Suzanne Marie Scanlan      “Doorways to the Demonic and Divine:  Visions of  Santa Francesca Romana and the Frescoes of Tor de’Specchi”

Fan Zhang "Drama Entertains the Spirit": Art, Ritual, and Theatre in Jin and Yuan Dynasty Pingyang, Shanxi, China"


Nancy Austin   “Towards a Genealogy of Visual Culture at The Rhode Island  School of Design, 1875-1900”

Anna Rodriquez Farrar    “Images of Charles I of England, 1642-1649”

Yi Gu  “Scientizing Vision in China: Photography, Outdoor Sketching, and  the Reinvention of Landscape Perception, 1912-1949”

Hope Saska      “Staging the Page : Graphic Caricature in Eighteenth-Century England” 


Marianna Aguirre  “Artistic Collaboration in Fascist Italy: Ardengo Soffici and Giorgio Morandi”  

Catherine Anderson “Embodiments of Empire: Figuring Race in Late Victorian Painting”

Alexis Goodin “Egypts” in England: The Representation of Ancient Egypt at the Sydenham Crystal Palace”

Laura Hendrickson “Against Photography: The Idea of Music in Pre-Raphaelite Visual Reform

Nancy Kay “The Sacred Public Sculptures in Antwerp: From Their Medieval Origins to the French Revolution”

Andrea Lepage "Arts of the Franciscan Colegio de San Andre’s in Quito:  A Process of Cultural Reformation”

Pascale Rihouet "The Unifying Power of Moving Pictures in Late Medieval and Renaissance Umbria"