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The 2014 Kermit S. Champa Award Recipients are Announced

May 19, 2014

The Kermit S. Champa Award commemorates Prof. Champa who taught in the department from 1969 to 2004. The award is given every year in the spirit of encouraging aesthetic and intellectual exploration. It is meant to help graduate students at the beginning of their careers travel to see art and architecture they would not otherwise directly experience before undertaking focused dissertations.  This year's award winners are: 

Peter Levins, a graduate student in History of Architecture, who will use his award to travel to Trieste and Rijeke to see the physical form of, and explore archives and libraries in, these two Adriatic frontier cities where fascism first began to consolidate as a movement in the period between the two world wars before spreading to the industrial cities of Northern Italy.

Emily Monty, a graduate student in the History of Art, who will use her award to visit places of encounter between people of different nationalities in Rome that survive in situ from the early modern period, including frescoes, urban forms, and public sculpture.