HIAA Independent Study Project Wins Undergraduate Library Research Award

HIAA student Maya Omori, won the 2019 Undergraduate Library Research Award this year for her project on "Hidden Portraits at Brown" that she began in Professor Holly Shaffer's "Portraiture: Pre-Histories of the Selfie" seminar in Fall 2018, and continued as a capstone project in Spring 2019. Maya says, "as part of an independent study in HIAA with Prof. Holly Shaffer, I created a RhodeTour for my senior capstone project. I translated a research paper I wrote into a walking-tour mobile app that uses images, videos, and text to generate critical thought on one's physical, historical, and psychological space." 

Similar to how a museum curator selects objects for an exhibition, Maya selected 8 sites on Brown's campus that are "portraits" of Brown -- some are framed, most are not -- to raise questions and create opportunities for changing institutions from within.