HIAA instructor Marina Tyquiengco leads Q&A at Kent Monkman talk

On Monday, Sept. 28 at 3:00 pm, HIAA teaching associate, Marina Tyquiengco, will lead a Q&A at artist Kent Monkman's virtual Keynote talk presented by the Brown Arts Initiative's Remaking the Real Festival. Professor Tyquiengco is a CHamoru scholar of global Indigenous art, teaching a class in HIAA this fall entitled "Indigenous Art, Issues, and Concepts.  Kent Monkman is an interdisciplinary Cree artist known for his provocative interventions into Western European and American art history. Tyquiengco has written about Monkman's work and presented on his work at the Cultural Studies Association Conference and SECAC (Southeastern College Art Conference). Click here for a link to the virtual lecture and conversation.