Profile of Dr. Anne Markham Schulz, HIAA affiliated faculty

Dr. Anne Markham Schulz, who has long been affiliated with this department, was interviewed for the Italian newspaper, il Sole 24 ore (Sunday, September 27, 2020 issue) about her life and dedicated work as a prolific scholar of medieval and Renaissance Italian sculpture. The headline for the full page article endows her with a high honor that ties her to her beloved Venice: "La Dogaressa delle statue." Roughly translated, it means "The first lady of Venetian statues." The article gives high praise to her most recent book, The History of Venetian Renaissance Sculpture ca. 1400-1530, named the best book of 2018 by Apollo magazine and here described as "a magnificent work published by Harvey Miller in two powerful volumes, of which the second is wholly formed of 786 pictures of the highest quality, for the most part directly commissioned from the author and her two photographers..."