Fall 2020 Architecture Final Projects

Architecture Instructor, Julian von der Schulenburg taught two remote classes in Fall 2020: Architectural Projections (HIAA 0003) , and Advanced Design Studio (HIAA 0002). In both classes, there final projects yielded some great designs and models. In  HIAA0003 students were asked to imagine, explore, define and communicate the "yet unbuilt space." Student assignments examined Tone Drawing, Photo Model, Concept Diagram, Plan & Section and Hybrid Drawing. In HIAA 0002 the project theme was to design a small public building in Providence: A Post Office. Professor von der Schulenburg wanted the students to imagine a civic landmark that had social and practical significance. He says,  

"in a time of political turmoil and social divisions, citizens realize again the importance of the postal service. Often considered antiquated and readily replaceable through privatization, the post office experiences a comeback. With renewed urgency, the post office can help connect people, foster a sense of community and become a public center. To empower the post office as a new civic landmark within a city, the students are challenged to rethink the post office architecturally and programmatically. The first part of the semester foresees an urban analysis and strategy for the site, the second part the architectural design of the building."

Image credit: Nina Myers envisions a park that accompanies the post office on Dyer Street

Below, Alexa Dannis explores shadows and light in her project for HIAA 003

Screen Shot 2021-03-25 at 9.51.13 AM.png